Was Family Guy Meant to be a Kids' Show?

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  • 2Nikos reply Awww Family Guy...you used to be funny once
  • BlackbirdFrost reply Damn you for making me wish I were a marine biologist! Frickin' seals and sea lions are frickin' cute when they're not frickin' pulling kids into the ocean! ... ... ...ah hell, they're frickin' cute doing that too!
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I remember that on account of being original, but dull and predictable. However, the animation is surprisingly good and has held together much better than a lot of '80s-'90s cartoons.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Truth be told, I don't like or hate Family Guy, but it does have its funny moments. I used to like South Park, but it went to shit around late 2001-early 2002. That isn't helped by the fact that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have talent, but pissed it all on trying to be an amalgamation of Paul Verhoeven, Carl Barks, and Walt Kelly. (And almost always failing at it.)
  • ScottSand523431 reply The lady pointing out Mickey the Xenophobic Scotsman is voiced by Lori Alan, who would become Diane Simmons on Family Guy
  • TommyDiazMillan reply Seth Macfarlane an Butch Hartman used 2 work on Dexter's Lab and Johnny Bravo before doing Family Guy and The Fairly OddParents.
  • MattTheOtaku reply Loved this! Very interesting!
  • NickOfTime reply Wow!! That's actually really interesting. Thanks for the history lesson, Critic!
  • sapphiredskye reply All fox anime is not for kids. From Simpson's to Bob's Burgers. It's all pg13. Even though they should probably be pg16.
  • Shabadadoo reply Goodness, it's a bit surreal seeing you talk about Family Guy. You've barely acknowledged it in any of your videos, so I just assumed you hated it.
  • Johnny_kamikaze reply Of course Family Guy wasn't for kids
  • BrandonVoiceVidme reply I believe Seth made the pilot for life of Larry (original idea for family Guy) before Larry and Steve when are tried to get it green light on cartoon Network before he made family guy
  • liamdude5 reply Not so sound rude, but why did we get two editorials in a row? That's different
  • TommyDiazMillan reply Lori Alan who also did Pearl in SpongeBob.
  • CJwoodruff reply My business partner is addicted to this show
  • HOLLASOUNDS reply How do I put vids in full SCREAN?
  • LLRhodes reply Better but be here end f be there b b ever see e evergreen where better when r no e be even easier bed brushed f fear
  • LLRhodes reply Better but be here end f be there b b ever see e evergreen where better when r no e be even easier bed brushed f
  • RoboLynx reply I remember this cartoon. I also remember thinking back on it at random and realizing the connection.
  • [ – ] JoeCroninShow reply Go back to You Tube !
  • friendtechboard reply very nice video
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