Atari 2600 Missile Command! [Retro Gaming]

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  • [ – ] ZombieSorcerer reply Easily one of my favourite games on the 2600. Great video.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply This brings back the memories! I was never great at this game but I remember it being around. Mostly I remember it kicking my butt. Thanks for returning me to my youth!
    • MysticSword parent reply Most games back then were rather butt-kicking and unforgiving. =D But yes, it's a nostalgic walk down memory-lane to play classic games like this. Cheers! :)
  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply Once you've played this game with a track ball, playing the game with a controller is frustrating.
    • MysticSword parent reply Yes, playing this with a game-controller does feel a bit clumsy & imprecise. Despite that, I still had fun playing it.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Looks surprisingly fun, another game where you really needed to use your imagination. I could definitely see myself trying to get a high score.
    • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Yes indeed, it's a good classic fun game to play. :) Perhaps you'll be able to give it a try for yourself. By the way, did yo see my comments I posted recently on your Birthday video? I had sent you a little something to you via PayPal and was wondering if you got it ok. Cheers! :)
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