Frork the new Fad for McDonalds

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  • Librebowski reply I used to fix that dudes Triathlon Bicycle like last year. Awesome video man!
  • SirNigelCogs reply I've seen that guy advertising other as-seen-on-TV things, and now he's advertising for McDonalds? When I used to hear McDonalds advertise on the radio I always thought it was strange they referred to their burgers as "sandwiches" instead of just burgers. They'd say things like, "Try the Big Mac burger sandwich!" It always sounded weird to me. They should create a burger called the burger sandwich so they could say, "Try the Burger Sandwich burger sandwich!"
  • [ – ] TZReviews reply I would eat the stuff from Slimers ass lmao, not really.
    • TZReviews parent reply the thing that annoys me is that mcdonalds is getting rid of the one drink that I like the orange soda lol.
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