Paladins (Episode 94)

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  • [ – ] Elkplaysandpaints reply It's pretty funny to me that I really believed Paladins' similarities to Overwatch were completely coincidental before I found your Sidequest video on it. That kind of thing has happened before with video games. I still like Paladins though, clone or not.
    • [ – ] SetchDreskar parent reply You actually got the point we were making, being a clone is not bad outright. It is a shame that more people don't seem to understand something that seems so obvious.
      • Elkplaysandpaints parent reply Yeah, absolutely. I remember when every fighting game was a "Street Fighter Clone" or when every FPS was either a "Doom Clone" or a "Call of Duty Clone" or when every kart racer was a "Mario Kart Clone", and now nobody cares about that anymore and we got some cool games because of it. Nothing in this world is 100% original and people need to get over that.
  • JaxDagger reply Was playing this alot before I got overwatch, might get back into it, let me know if you mind me adding you, i mostly stopped playing due to a lack of friends on their actually playing it anymore <3
  • Dos_Gaming reply I like your voice dude
  • JimsGamingChannel reply I too have done some Paladins video's and yeh it's changed heaps into an overwatch clone more than it kinda was. Still love it.
  • TZRDaveO reply I do like the game but I have some issues with HiRez. Really disappointed by how they pretty much abandoned Tribes: Ascend and I never really wanted to play another one of their games after that. Great video though!
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