Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Vidme Exclusive!

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  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply I 100% agree with you on everything you said. Being EXCLUSIVE isn't the smartest of choices because you are limiting your fan base. Not to mention there is a very very high Creator to Viewer ratio on vidme, there's more creators than anything. Hence why I believe vidme needs to remove the subscribe feature and implement that later on as the site grows more. I feel that was rushed out the door as a way to please creators that were bitching non stop for a way to make money. Vidme is still in its infancy staged, yet creators treat it as the Youtube killer. Youtube may be garbage at the moment, but its still the place to be. Anyways, I have my YouTube channel still, and I plan to return to it soon, because Im like you, I want EVERYONE to see my work. Awesome video, no one has any right to be mad at this. Great job!
    • OniRokaku parent reply I'm not making any money on either site and to be honest. I don't WANT to. I know, "If you're love doing something, never do it for free", but thing is, I've got more on here than I ever did on Youtube. Sure, I'm not the best in the world. But still.
    • [ – ] Seawolf25 parent reply then tell that to Vidme. they listen to everyone. for me, I "herd" about vidme, basically by accident. Just found it one day, liked it, and boom. @bunniiBGG and you have good points, but for me. I disagree mainly because I personally don't give a flying fuck about exposure, etc. I do my own stuff frankly because its nice to just have freedom from crap. Now you don't have to agree with me on any of this, besides you'll probably see my stuff out of curiosity. you like it, you like It. you don't well then you don't. Besides for all of you it seems more bout money then content in general, the biggest issue that I tend to see is, its all the same content at the end of the day to the point they blend in like all reality tv shows. So if this all works for you, congrats! if not, sure do whatever you want.
      • [ – ] Cellblock776 parent reply Same here. I left YouTurd because of their politics and censorship. I never took a dime of advertisement money from them during the years I was posting to my channel there. I post whatever topic I feel like whenever I feel like. I have a regular job working 12 hours a day. I don't feel like trying to have a second career as a social media vlogger.
        • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply i hear what you are saying. most adults on vidme and yt have jobs so making videos is done in our free time yes. but if you have rent to pay or babies to feed your free time becomes valuable and if you can possibly profit off of your hobby you put so much work into then you'd be a fool not to try. (not calling you a fool specifically) i dont know many people who try to make this a 2nd career.. im not lol but yea to each his own i guess. thanks for the comment
          • Seawolf25 parent reply hell some of the 2nd graders I work with want to be youtubers because they think you get rich for doing nothing. but like I pointed out before it also goes into content. the reason why I think you stand a bit more out is because your an actual video gamer/let's player that's black and not"Slutty". Same can be said for people on herewho talk about say poltices, its mostly a bunch of people who have no real clue how other countries politics work, thus making them all look like dumbass's.
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply ah thank you for this comment. im a bit relieved to see there are people who get where im coming from here ^^ keep up the good work man on both platforms! lol
  • Rawman reply Call your self what you want that's the magic of us creating a channel we can do what we want lol. I think it's a great name btw. Yes I heard of Vidme from YT. This platform is extremely dependant on YouTube. Even right now the platform pretty much needs bigger YouTubers to get viewers. I pretty much agree 100%. Great discussion. But sometimes some people have great content and work hard on being original and just don't succeed it happens. Others just get lucky and blow up over night. Even on vidme it happens.
  • BOOTYHUNTERS reply What you're saying makes a lot of sense. Anyone can do whatevs but you do have a point. We've been on yt for over a year and get straight shit views. We get a lot more on vidme so it's just nice. But we will always be on yt. It's hard to make something unique cuz it feels like it's all been done. Our type of content isn't unique, but we feel our personalities make up for it. It's just hard when so many people wanna be creators rather than just viewers. It is really discouraging to put a lot of work and love into something and get nothing back. Just gotta keep trucking and hope for the best I guess.
  • [ – ] HippCelt reply What's the old saying ' Don't keep all your eggs in one basket'.... It just makes sense to use all of these sites to your advantage.
    • [ – ] Orginaljun parent reply I have to agree with you there and what buniiBGG said in the video. Unless that person has something special going on, right now people have to promote them self through different social media, video platforms and other sites. I mean if 10 000 people make tutorials about the same spinner, there is not much originality, So people assume its the same tutorial and go and watch other tutorials instead. Same goes for games, music, animations and everything else. That's why Promoting yourself can really help out. People have to keep learning and keep doing what they like to do and keep getting better at it. As bunniiBGG mentioned if something is not working out then try figure out constantly what you can improve. Failure for me is just a stepping stone to the next level. ^^
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Great Points BCG. You are smart and that is the most rational thing to say and do. But as you know, i am an exclusive creator, but I still have my YT account to like vids and sub to channels. I just don't upload in YT anymore. I made $0 in YT so this means i don't make videos for the money. What i love about Vidme is the interaction. When i had 500 subs in YT. i would get 10 comments, some of them spam comments, but in Vidme when i had 50 followers, i got 50 comments, and LONG comments like what you see here in your comment feed. As you said, we have other social media platforms. I always give Vidme a shoutout in IG, Snapchat and Twitter. I tried out a LOT of sites, but just because an app like has millions of users, doesn't mean that the quality of the community is good ( i tries xD). In the end of the day, you are right. I am an Vidme exclusive as in I don't upload in Youtube. But i still make "content" or entertain people in other social media platforms, so does that Not ...moremake me an exclusive creator? In the end of the day, i think the word Vidme Exclusive is meant to imply that we don't upload in YT specifically since, YT and Vidme are in the same industry, but still Vidme exlusive creators live stream in twitch, use snapchat and IG(where I get more views than in my YT vids) but Vidme is just our main hub. I just want to have a deeper connection with my followers, so quality of followers is more important than quantity of followers. Also it's good to diversify, but you have to think to be different in all of them. It's a turn off for me, when I watch a video in Vidme and i hear "don't forget to subscribe to my YT channel" atleast don't say that or when people share the SAME meme in Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Try to think if it fits the platform.
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply hey aiya! i see where you are coming from. i think we just see things differently tho. for me i dont do it for the money or numbers. i just wanna be seen. as an adult my free time has become very limited and if i can potentially make a profit off of what i love then i am going to try. it started as a hobby (always has been) but it now has the potential to be so much more. i will take that opportunity any day ya kno? thats how my mind works. vidme is my main hub actually but i also focus on youtube and other things. and it works for me. just spreading my knowledge for the smaller or new people here.
      • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply yea, finding out what your main hub is important, because for most creators here, YT is their main hub and that's why they are growing in YT and not in Vidme. You can upload in YT too, but if your main hub is Vidme, you will probably grow here more than YT. It's like which tab will you open first says a lot xD i check Vidme first before opening YT, so that's something
        • bunniiBGG parent reply funny thing is.. vidme is my main hub that i go to first and am most active on but i have more subs and comments on youtube. it can be hard to keep up with everyone but thats what i have twitter for. i have way more fun on vidme but get way more exposure on yt. i cant give up either one.
  • Ika_BakaKu reply As a partner streamer on Mixer, YT has done enough damage on my channel as a mature streamer that will force me to be exclusive on vidme... However I don't mind since I'm an exclusive streamer to Mixer and it has done me wonders. I do agree with the points of getting out there, but for me, I think it depends on what u want out of ur content in return? Me, I am not on vidme to make money, but to keep my videos I create, or highlights safe, as I'd like to look back on them years from now.. Only reason I'd want verified is to I can upload videos from my past that may be lost if YT keeps deleting them randomly when I am within TOS... Do what u all want and feel is best for ur community, exclusive or not :)
  • Ms_K reply Good points my YouTube channel got shut down and to be honest I was sick of YouTube and the gaming community over there. I was already established so the majority of my supporters followed me here!
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply I'm Vidme exclusive. I'm a small channel but still have grown more in 6 months than over a year on YT. I think being Vidme exclusive can still bring new viewers here. Maybe not a flash flood, but still. My thought is if you have friends and family and friends of those friends and family and they want to check out your stuff they can only do it on Vidme. Everyone's heard of YT, but if you're talking to someone and say "no, I only post on Vidme" they're going to be "what's Vidme?" And bam, you just spread the word. I have about 5 people I brought over here that are Viewers and not Content Creators. It also helps as a Content Creator if you give two shits about money, or followers, and focus on your content and do what you want to do for you and not worry about the other stuff.
    • [ – ] 512markdd parent reply *i should clarify: I care about my followers and appreciate anyone that likes my videos enough to follow. What I meant by my comment is worrying about how many followers you gain or how many you have. It just seems sometimes people are more worried about how many followers they can get rather than the foundation of content creating is just creating content bcyou want to, not getting famous.
      • bunniiBGG parent reply this is true. but its easy to tell whos in it for whatever reasons lol . keep up the good work man and im glad you are able to bring more people to vidme. thats rly great!
  • everythingbypasha reply Once you have a large enough channel, you can afford to be exclusive to one platform, and even then it's a bad decision. Otherwise, you need to have as wide an audience as possible, rather than limiting yourself to one platform.
  • [ – ] ansm_Official reply To be completely honest, I've thought about this concept before. Personally, I don't think that being Vidme exclusive (for most creators) will really effect the growth of Vidme negatively. The reason why is because, the only ones who have to ability to set trends realistically are those who already have massive followings (ie. popular youtubers). For the majority of us who have small and undiscovered channels, expanding would be an unrealistic goal due to the fact that, 1. There are too many of us to expect people to do this and, 2. We would need the vast majority of the smaller channels to do this for it to even effectively help grow the Vidme community. Personally, I believe that many bigger channels, such as your own, are already doing everything necessary to grow the Vidme community further and it's ONLY been growing as time goes on. In my opinion, when something is great, the word will get spread regardless, so I wouldn't be too worried about the future of Vidme. Good video, thoug...moreh! However, I believe this should be a video directed ONLY at bigger channels.
    • bunniiBGG parent reply thanks. im directing this video to smaller channels who wanna be vidme exclusive. i just think it holds them back. i dont think being vidme exclusive is a negative thing at all and yes it will grow regardless but i feel we can help it better by spreading out. its just too soon i think to stay in one spot. thanks for your comment :)
  • [ – ] BitPolar reply I agree that for the individual creator uploading on several platforms is the best way to spread the message. What vidme brings to a lot of people is a connection to a bigger community. Sure, you can get a sudden burst of views if you hit the right keywords or whatever on YouTube, and that will make some amount of money. But after looking at your channel, it seems like those views didn't stay. And that's kind of my opinion on YouTube, you're just a source of entertainment for people. On vidme I feel like everyone treats you more like a person. I had a video do pretty well on YouTube and of course it didn't do well on vidme because, like you said, they need help. I can see why making videos on YouTube telling people about vidme will probably help get the word out. But, for those of us that want to help vidme grow what they need is exclusive content. Exclusive creators where people want to be a part of. Now, I understand the vidme staff are the people that need to make this more appealin...moreg and going full vidme could shoot yourself in the foot. Personally, I have some content that's vidme exclusive because I want people to have to come here and only here to get it. That being said, if anything every went viral on twitter or w/e that video would probably be ripped and put on youtube so it's just smart to put your own stuff on your own YouTube because it'll probably end up on there one way or another - your account or not. I hate YouTube's practices and they have lied to their audience too many times and ignore the community to push their business. I get that they are a business and - ok. Fine. But it's obvious people and the community are last. If your video makes more money that's the video that will be shown around. I like vidme because worthwhile content the community wants to see is pushed up to the front. I have seen more actually interesting videos on vidme's trending/staff picks page today alone than I ever had on YouTube's trending tab. Your sub channels actually show up on the front page of vidme and YouTube makes you click for it. Little things like that are very positive to me so, personally, I want to give vidme some exclusive daily content and the bigger more heavily edited stuff goes on both to try and get the word out about vidme. Great video - keep it up.
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply i see where you are coming from. vidme is kinda what youtube lacks so i feel thats very important and i think being vidme exclusive will become a good thing in the future just not so much now. your comment is very long lol but from reading it feel we understand each other ^^ thanks for taking the time out to share your thoughts with us :D
  • GamerRaf reply I couldn't agree more! I try to be almost everywhere at once lol
  • [ – ] The_Z_Files reply Hey Bunny, I'll say first good topic/great video. Very nice reasonings and opinions and it's tricky because likely 90% of people have totally different experiences so backgrounds and their views of You tube may be a bit altered. I'll say my example yet this won't apply to you or some others,though I have friends this is how their path has been. Unlike you I was actually on You tube almost 4 years,i have something like 500-600 vids there and I worked hard at trying many new series,subjects and styles over those years. Now 2 things do affect success there i feel one some may disagree but the creator demographics affect ALOT, it's not sexist or anything to say in most cases either better looking male and females do a bit better, also even with youtubes "rules" channels who cuss more,say offensive jokes get more views due to it appealing to those viewers. That's fine too as well as my other point is subject matter in videos. If a video has drama/sexuality/conflict often it has a better cha...morence to get noticed/spread around by talking,again this is fine,if your into that. My issue is other than maybe occasionally playing a Mature game my channel is fairly pg rated,it may be less funny if i'm not cussing or making the obvious inuendo...but I have family that does watch,confirmed younger people and I prefer to stay OK for everyone. I did try You tube,but my decision to drop it besides their issues was the moment I noticed that in a 4 month span here on Vidme I had surpassed my barely there numbers on my 4 year YT channel,so focusing all here was a safer bet in the long run, I get more recognition and less hassle that I had to deal with on youtube. I think exposure can come in many forms,and if your channel on youtube isnt going to make much a dent then stream on any number of platforms,as well as utilizing twitter/fb/reddit/and so on to their fullest. I'm sure either way works for people but for some I don't believe youtube to be viable anymore as it did sour many,for me I like it here and plan big things and hope for big things from them. :)
    • bunniiBGG parent reply hey thanks for your comment. i see where you are coming from but i wanna be REAL honest with you here... you say u spent 4 yrs and did over 500+ videos on yt.. i dont deny your (or anyones) work ethic... but my point isnt that you dont work hard its that you might not be doing something right and to keep at it and dont give up until you do get it right. what you say about demographics and a persons looks ok sure that may have a part to play but i still dont buy that.. science says better looking people get better jobs and so on.. but thats not always the case. some people have to groom themselves to look good and some people make up for their looks with other things. look at casey neistat (dude is hideous) but he's rich and successful from yt. all those beauty gurus arent naturally stunning they make themselves up to look as good like michelle phan. ALSO you mention yt's rules against vulgar people who cuss and so on.. that never stopped pewdie pie til this day and filthy frank.. they ...moremay be popular but their ad revenue has been cut in half or doesn't exist but they still get sponsors from their exposure on yt. they know what works for them. there are plenty of clean youtubers i watch aswell who are family frendly (like super woman and many others) it doesn't come easy and its hard to understand and thats why i say dont give up just keep working at it and find what works. sry for the long comment it sounds like im ranting but im not im just passionate lol . keep at it man
  • [ – ] DBFig reply VidMe is a great platform. I support it, and as a Featured Creator they are great to me. Yet, I totally agree. Obviously, it depends on each person's need. Some want nothing to do with YouTube. Some are getting the attention they want on VidMe that they never got on YouTube. So they want to stick with what works for them. Which is great! Yet, as a person who wants to grow an overall brand I am not exclusive. Actually, VidMe has no problem with this. For the very reason you mentioned. Many hear about VidMe from YouTube. So you grow your brand, spread the word of VidMe, and not being exclusive gives you flexibility. I actually posted on Dailymotion for a bit. Mainly to expand my brand. In the end, it's about personal wants. Though I feel for most, being exclusive may be limiting themselves in the long run.
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply Well said. I agree. I just felt like no one is talking about this but yet everyone has an opinion lol so I just put mine there ☺
    • bunniiBGG parent reply o and yea i forgot to mention that i think a lot of people dont realize vidme is ok with youtube and isn't in any competition with it. so im glad you brought that up lol. they've alwyas been cool with youtubers.
  • [ – ] GOHgamer reply $99 per month subscription fee? lol
  • Kyoko reply A friend uploads here frequently and said I should give vidme a try. It took some time and then I started uploading my videos here. I don't know where I'm going with this because I have german content and the community is english of course. I would never stay exclusive on one platform. As you said, more places to be found on are a good thing and you can use that to cross-promote yourself and as well the platforms.
  • whako reply I agree with the points it's good to expand yourself to reach a wider audience. But someone who is small and might not be getting an audience on YouTube and actually is getting an audience on Vidme I believe should put more time on Vidme imo.
  • [ – ] DanielHuntington reply I respectfully disagree with you. I prefer to upload exclusively to Vid.Me because I've gotten really fed up with the mistakes Youtube made on the platform over the years and how they don't seem to care about their creators, and care way more about corporate sponsors. Vid.Me, while sure, activity on here is nowhere near as big as Youtube, seems to be a platform that wants to improve on Youtube's mistakes and I really respect that, and I really respect that the staff is easier to contact over Youtube as well, even if the staff has made mistakes themselves.
    • bunniiBGG parent reply once upon a time youtube was a lot like vidme lol but as it grew things changed. i remember when i first started vidme they would respond with in an hour. now they can take up to a day or 2. (which is still good). I got verified with one video within minutes (the same day i made an account) now there are limitations.. but this goes to show its going to change more and gain more creators. youtube has a lot of issues but i dont think vidme will be that different in the future. some major company will probably buy out vidme like google bought yt and amazo bought twitch and facebook bought ig and so on lol i just think it is too soon to be vidme exclusive is all im saying. i respect vidme too. it does all the things yt lacks but its still a baby and going thru so many changes as we speak. once it grows up a bit more then i will reconsider being vidme exclusive... maybe lol thanks for your comment. :)
  • [ – ] Anonymous_Gamer reply I agree with what your saying! I definitely have more followers here than yt. It's like my direct sales biz. you just have to keep pluggin away and be persistent. Heck it took 3 years to get to a point i am making $500-$1000 a month in that biz but yeh don't give up and do it because it is what you like to do. If nothing else do it for your self. No one will notice you if you keep sharing with the same people or don't change it up once in a while
  • [ – ] HeroHei reply Hey BunniiBGG, great points. I enjoyed how you mentioned that it is actually beneficial for as well, for people to use multiple platforms. Now, aside from it being beneficial for, it's of corse beneficial for the content creator as well. Limiting yourself to 1 single platform isn't wise. A growing / aspiring content creator should use multiple platforms ( like and YouTube), but also including social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well. I don't mean just posting links to your video's, that's spam, but really utilizing them to interact with other's. Finally, I 100% agree with what you said about how some people complain "YouTube doesn't work for me" - YouTube is fickle, you really need to understand the algorithm and how the "promoted" system works. Like Bunni said, if what you're doing isn't working, it's time for a change. Change is extremely important in business, especially online business. I've personally had days on YouTube where I've brought ...morein 60K views in a day to my channel and other's where it floats back to 5,000-10,000 views in a day, it can be disheartening if you don't understand why these things happen. However, if you do know what's going on behind the scenes ( again, the algo.) you'll be able to adjust and get video's 'trending' again. In the end, is still growing, but so is YouTube. Both platforms have their pros and cons, and as you said Bunni ; does need the exposure - so it really is a win-win.
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