Matt Plays: Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver #1

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  • SharkPlaysGames reply if i remember right, when you're locked onto an enemy, you should be able to do a quick step by pressing the jump button and any direction.
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply i'm trying to find a decent version of blood omen. when i find one, i'll let you know, if you're interested.
    • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply As for blood omen, I want to have hard copy, legally I can then emulate it for recordings, and hard copies are the only way I can get blood omen. Would also add I'm on a budget right now. Going to a convention next weekend. Might have a chance of finding it there.
    • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Well I was fighting to make the PC controls work at the time, by about episode 4 I should have the audio down to normal. But through out the game play I would be fighting to get the controls to work right until about half way in when the game just starts crashing, and then I am forced to emulate the rest of it. Funny enough emulators see my controllers just fine. Yet pc games, which some of my controllers are made for, hate them.
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