Consistency and Telegraphing in Minecraft - Dear Jeb #1

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  • Jragon014 reply @jan1i3 that seems like an interesting idea!
  • Jragon014 reply @fyfyone life time =)
  • fyfyone reply To be silver patreon, do I have to donate 50$ lifetime or per month?
  • jan1i3 reply @Jragon014 thanks !:)
  • jan1i3 reply Hey there, I got an idea concerning Pistons and quasi conectivity. what about adding an additional Piston type which is not affected by that behavior, and renameing the current Pistons to somthing like "advanced" or "weird" Piston? It would make sence to me, but what about you? (I'm asking, because I am overcomplicating things quickly :/ ) Btw. I like the way you look at stuff Jragon, and I always love whatching your vids :)
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