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  • Tannimay reply VID.MEMERS UNITE!!!!
  • [ – ] Rawman reply My name is wolfieeeepieee!!!
  • Rawman reply Great points i like healthy debate. This is a great response video to his. He made a lot of great points and so did you. I think that the issue with people is they take too much at face value. We all do it and this is why there is an issue "Clickbait" but you have to take into account is titles and descriptions etc. If someone "Clickbaits" you don't fall for it again.
  • [ – ] DjMu3L reply Love you too bro appreciate that. Everything you said was true too. Thanks for keepin' it real with yo homie <3
  • The_Game_Catcher reply Omg, Pewdiepie impression on point!! XD Yeah, I totally get DJ's points. At least with Vidme we're ahead of the curve, and they do listen to us. You've seen how the front page got cleaned up a bit after his video got put out. I don't know Tera or watch her videos, but its good to hear that she actually knows her content, what with all the other stuff going around about her. She can be sexual if she wants, her prerogative.
  • [ – ] Nuttybartony reply Great video! And I love healthy discussion! but i need put in my two cents. I feel like this argument of memes "Ruining" YouTube is a bunch of bologna because memes have been pretty much the backbone of YouTube and the internet FOREVER! Memes like numa numa were uploaded like 10 years ago and boosted all of social medias success! AND DOING NOTHING these videos are only getting better and better and to be honest take just as much effort or even more than recording some game play. So i would like you to think about what you say about this meme "shit" because if people enjoy it isn't that the whole point of making content in the first place.
    • Wolfer parent reply Agreed. Your content, regardless of how I feel about it , is still your contact. Thank you for your input.
  • [ – ] MeloDotty reply Oh god that hot tab lately. Thank you for making this, Wolfer.
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Pffft! You think this is bad? I need to make a vidme History video showing you the worst of the worst.
  • [ – ] Novacco7 reply very good point and i agree with you on the meme stuff this video was very entertaining and you have gained a new follower :D
  • [ – ] SalBerry reply Access denied. Lol!! What is I gonna do for my vidme shirt!!!! The drama!!!! Lol
  • [ – ] SalBerry reply MANY GOOD YES! Lol #bald in the description X'D 100% agree, any "meme bee movie number 1" shit should be stamped out and removed from Vidme...just don't upvote that shit!! BE THE BETTER INTERNET USER! Also yeah, good response, she's not my cuppa tea but I have the free will not to click her vids, she does her and I does me and we don't does each other....uhhh...yeah...that XD
  • [ – ] Eheroduelist reply A nice video- I just didn't like the idea of pushing vidme to moderate based on subjective standards, or attacking large content creators on the basis that they're large and we're small. I even said in my response video that I didn't have any beef with him, tbh I didn't know who Tara or DJ Muel was before I watched his (trending) video; literally only responded because I was worried about the precedent it would set if caution was not exercised. I didn't join vidme to start fighting with the core community, nor do I want to make enemies out of said core community, but if DJ Muel wants to attack me as a person (calling me a coward and so on) and not acknowledge my arguments that's on him.
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