Mukbang Vidme Exclusive

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Oh, I thought you're other one was your first mukbang. I missed this one. I never thought of adding cream cheese to that combo of food. You eat like a king! Totally glad you were able to get verified!
    • [ – ] Paul_W parent reply That's the funny thing about Vidme...I cannot seem to get the videos in chronological order lol. Maybe its just me but I change where is says most active or newest. No matter what I change it too, the vids are all mixed up lol. Oh well it keeps it fun.
      • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply It's in order on my end. I just accidentally skipped it. Although, on the app, I'm having that issue. Also, it will say that a video was uploaded 2days ago when it was just an hour ago lol
        • Paul_W parent reply OK I went back to look at your vids and you are correct. Upon closer inspection the issue is you have a bunch of pinned videos (10 of them lol) So that is what was confusing me lol (which is not hard to do lol)
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