"Up In Smoke"

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  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply I tried to quit several times over the years and never lasted more than a few months each time. This last time, I switched to vaping. No harmful ingredients. My e-liquid does have nicotine but a very low dose. Since my first day vaping, I've had no desire for a cig whatsoever and that's been 5 months now. I don't hold it against anybody who smokes, but I'm glad I don't now. I feel a ton better and any slight wheezing noises I had when I would breathe went away the first week I started vaping. As for the second hand smoke, I grew up around 3 uncles that smoked and I never had any problems related to it. I had smoked close to a pack a day, roughly, since my 20's. I'm now 47.
    • frugalfarmer parent reply I don't care if it's something someone enjoys. I like "a" cold beer on hot days but like anything it can be overdone .
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