Youtube Censorship in Germany - proven again

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply I'm so glad you are on haha Your videos will always be available to me.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Thanks. I hope they stay censorship-free. I mean, as long as nobody instigates violence or shows illegal stuff, it should be OK. If somebody feels "offended", then he or she is not forced to watch the videos of a particular channel.
  • [ – ] Herringchoker reply I've never seen how bad it it is until now. Fucking horrendous. #Germany might as well admit to having a national firewall like China. I am #Norwegian btw. .."This video is not available in your country". Fucking horrendous.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Hi, yes, it is really Orwellian style censorship that is going on here. But more and more people are angry now. There is a cool Norwegian youtuber and comedian, Terje Sporsem. I will link one of his videos. It is funny
    • Herringchoker parent reply One doesn't have to agree on politics, to see that this is fucked up
  • [ – ] Owltree reply Modern day book burners.
  • [ – ] either_or reply workaround: check your youtube settings, set your location to anywhere else than germany/france. -> -it's still censorship, but at least you and your friends won't be affected by it.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Thank you for that tip and for your effort. The problem for me is, that I do not have the option to change my location anymore. I think it is either because youtube terminated my channel back then, or it is a glitch. If I manually try to change the settings, I am told that I am "not able to access google products anymore".
      • [ – ] either_or parent reply Have you tried looking into VPN's? With a service like PIA (Private Internet Access, I highly recommend it) you'll be able to tunnel your traffic anonymously through numerous servers throughout the world. (And no, I cant access styx' channel either if I tunnel through Germany) Besides, the way things have become in Germany, you really need a way to stay anonymous. PIA is one of the services that don't keep records, so even if the thoughtpolice shows up at their door, there's nothing they can do. -good luck, stay safe & see you around!
        • sowhat-vidme parent reply I thank you for that information. I have gathered just a little bit of knowledge so far, and I agree that we should try to stay as anonymous as possible. On the other hand, I do not want to live under a constant threat of being spied upon or under a constant restriction of the freedom of speech. It is a basic human right. Many greetings to you.
        • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply I get your stance..But, why should the man have to VPN to watch videos on YOUTUBE?! It's insanity.
  • [ – ] Herringchoker reply YT is one thing. But seems your country is also blocking stuff other than that, even WayBackMachine..I've now tried to archive some tweets for close to an hour, but unfortunatly i'm currently stuck on being assigned German InternetArchive proxy..And i'm Norwegian..
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply They even censor via the deep web now. If I refresh the virtual identity, I can still watch most channels, but somehow they found a way to even censor Tor.
  • [ – ] XhoXhuXhamen reply Yuck FooTube!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Absolutely. I do not even watch his videos, but the biggest German youtuber (4.7 mill subs on YT) is on vidme as well now.
  • [ – ] 4real0316 reply I'm sure you're aware that the globalist spent hundreds of millions of dollars buying up all the media corporations. United States is the father and the globalist She was almost to captured ship oh bozo almost destroyed our country. The Democratic national committee give Hillary US$1 billion to run for president they on the media they control the polls they used illegal voters bus them from place to place and he's dead people to vote Democrat, they still lost. Alex Jones for all of his imperfections has a great tile for his website info wars. That is the crux of the matter like-minded independent thinkers such as yourself and others having an open communication portal worldwide something they could no longer tolerate. Tick tock
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes, the clock is ticking. But one thing is for sure, they cannot control each and everybody. We have billions of people on this planet, some of whom will find workarounds. I am confident, I have a feeling that the censorship will backfire horribly. It is just a feeling.
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