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  • The_Lamb reply Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Well let us say you own 20 million shares in one of those three, you would expect to be on the "Board of Directors" right. WRONG! Soros get the "Board of Directors" to issue 20 BILLION more shares and Soros buys up 10 Million of those shares (behind closed doors at a fraction of the cost) and the other 10 Billion are then sold to those who want/cam afford them. George Soros is now on the "Board of Directors" and you with only 20 Million shares are no longer on it. This is how business works. You can pay a 'taking head' (CEO) $Millions but they mean squat, as long as they are towing the party line. There is a documentary on this (I think it was BBC Horizon, but not sure).Anyway look into it mate and Cheers
  • Edgewood reply The eyes-Suit, have you been getting into that coffee of mine? I brew a pot with ten-twelve tablespoons...I think. Sometimes it's more. Still, this is an interesting collab.
  • Turbo_Spice reply Has this been taken from youtube or the other way?
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