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  • Corinthian reply What kind of drugs were they taking to conceive this idea?
  • ChromeFotter reply They can't advocate for more genders than there are. That said, creepy as hell...
  • 3oddbits reply <still scratching my head about this>
  • [ – ] AceAcer2 reply Holly fking cow ... or in this case holly fking puppets :P I guess i'm not allowed to criticize since it's "art" but common lol. Still better than the "painting" of a black circle in the middle of a white background that was sold for over 400k - if something as simple as that can be considered to be art i guess that puppet show can be art too - better that than another Queer Kids Stuff show. Don't tell Steve Shives about this tho, he might want to interview the vagina puppet or make one of the puppets of this show a regular on his own show where he talks to his teddy bears and other stuffed animals :P
    • [ – ] whitezombie parent reply That would be an improvement actually. He would be talking to an actual human instead of a stuffed animal. I am getting more and more concerned about Steve's condition. It is obvious he needs professional help.
      • [ – ] AceAcer2 parent reply Nah what he needs is a new wife because the one he actually has is a hardcore feminist and he isn't the same since she is in his life. Sad ...
        • Platypus67 parent reply Oh, that 'thing' is considered as a female? Didn't get that memo... About the 'everybody' - puppet: why in hell did they name this 'come to life egon schiele painting' SNUFF?!? Don't they know what this word means?!
  • whitezombie reply Is that supposed to be educational? Who approved of this shit? You Aussies are weird. Sometimes you scare me.
  • OxAcientOrder reply This should be required rated "R"
  • The_Lamb reply Words f...........................Cheers.
  • void1029 reply O_O no comment
  • JJDecay reply snuff puppets are best!!! amazing performance art!!!!
  • neald46 reply Curse you I'm blind
  • albanothemadman reply JESUS FUCK!!!!! Thank DOG I can't reproduce. No kid needs to be subjected to that. Shit, if I saw that shit as an 8 year old, I would've had a fucking heart attack!
  • The_Painter reply Then I saw the kids , and I knew how messed up this was. these kids minds are now fucked up.
  • Dragonspyre101 reply This is just disturbing beyond words...
  • Boodang reply Was this actually necessary? No, not really. And people paid money to experience this "happening?" Debased minimally. Useless? Utterly.
  • Syd_R reply what in the fuck?
  • robsdroid215 reply You are over reacting. That was beautiful. I only wish I could have brought my children to get lactated on. Of course I'm being sarcastic. I will never be able to un-see that satanic shiz...
  • CYBERDEW41 reply And people wonder why conservatives support the cutting of taxpayer-funded "art" projects. I wonder how much this set back the Australian taxpayer. (Although the rhino is cool.)
  • GAConyers reply Please tell me this "performance art" came with a trigger warning. ¬_¬
  • rxantos reply Strange.
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