Ingrid & Conrad - Låtsaslagar (Fake Laws - ENGLISH translation in comment!)

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  • Nordic_Goyim reply - Then police announces that: "if you march, display the Tyr Rune and are uniformly dressed, then we will interpret that as 'hate against a minority'" (Johan of Granskning Sverige) - hmm... (Conrad of Ingrid & Conrad) - And this is... there is no legal support for this at all, it´s completely impossible. "Hate against a minority" is a paragraph that can targeted at single individuals, you can´t do a mass arrest like that. Besides "Hate against a minority" is a crime with quite a mild punishment, 2 years maximum. And that limit is put just because you want to be able to do a house search. Prison sentence 2 years max. But then... Then the legal problem here is that, as long as it is a demonstration... a demonstration can´t be charged with "rioting", only a "gathering of people" can do that. Then they suggest that... they have told the Resistance Movement and this is my hypothesis... this scenario is what I have concluded that: They have tried to get the Resistance Movement not to ma...morerch, not to unfold and raise their flags, which they didn´t, because they wanted to arrest them for "rioting" (Johan of Granskning Sverige) - The flags were unfolded though, but yeah... (Conrad of Ingrid & Conrad) - Excuse me? (Johan of Granskning Sverige) - They walked with their flags raised - Yes, and when they unfolded their flags then legally they turn from "a gathering of people", because a "gathering of people" must mean that it is open. That if regular people could join up in the front rows then it would have been a "gathering of people". But you can´t describe The Reistance Movements front rows as an "open gathering of people". And when they unfold and raise their flags as they did, and I think The Resistance Movement knew about this, they unfold their flags and change destination path then they are seen as a demonstration and can´t be arrested for rioting. On the other hand though they can be charged with "hate agaisnt a minority" according to this new interpretation. That´s propbably the intention, catch 22, that whatever they do... if they have no flags raised they get charged with rioting but if they do they wil get charged with "hate against a minority" (Johan of Granskning Sverige) - This is really fascinating and I look forward to when that show is starting because I suppose you try to analyze this more in detail... but I just have to ask... did The Resistance Movement not play into the hands of the police, in trying to shange destination path? What would have happened if they had followed all the instructions by the police? Would it have been a demonstration then? (Ingrid Carlqvist of Ingrid & Conrad) ---- Important background info - route authorized after several promises broken and disrespect for standard legal practice: (Trap? You decide...) Route agreed upon with Gothenburg Police before promises were broken: (Fair deal) Route asked for by Resistance Movement: (Wish) ---- - I don´t know, they claim themselves now that they were on their way into a trap and such... The police had repurposed this parking garage into a jail... (Johan of Granskning Sverige) - Mmmmm! (Ingrid Carlqvist of Ingrid & Conrad) - And I mean, in regards to all the stone throwing that took place from the left activists, they only managed to arrest one of them... ---- Ahmed Hussein (000606 = 17 years old), Somali ---- ... so it is highly unlikely that they were going to use these repurposed parking garage / jails for leftist extremist. They wouldn´t have done that and so it is probably an accurate analysis that The Resistance Movement has concluded. A mass arrest of The Resistance Movement. Certainly I think there is a possibility that the police Chief, Dan Eliasson... ( ... has expressed such a wish. Then it´s difficult to understand what´s an order and what´s a wish because I have interviewed Erik Nord... ( ... in a completely different context. One of the most interesting things he had said was about smuggling of illegals a year or two ago. Then I asked: "Why are you not arresting those people smugglers? Because there are a lot of proit to be made on peoples suffering, desperation and who want a better life and such. And so why are you not arresting those?" Well then he said: "Police have limited resources. To solve all crimes would be utopia, that´s why we have to prioritize. And today we have to make really tough priorities" And then he said, and I quote: "You should see, I feel shame sometimes when I wrote off as much cases as we write off" And then he said: "And how do we do this prioritization?" And now comes this quote here: "Clearly we should tackle this issue with people smugglers, but you can´t disregard that politicians have said 'open your hearts'" (Johan of Granskning Sverige) - No exactly... (Conrad of Ingrid & Conrad) - Police follows, in their prioritization, the words or those wishes that the politicians express. And it is really obvious what the politicians have wished for, Stefan Löfvén, Annie Lööf, everyone! ( ( Even so, they want to ban The Resistance Movement. There is quite a distinct wish from politicians, and here even police has said that they have gone too far, I mean this is populism and so how are we going to do what we wish? It isn´t acievable really. And so then they have tried distorting things and trying to find paragraphs to arrest them. The whole arrest thing is a mass arrest of 23 people who are based on false grounds. And I don´t know how the prosecutor thinks he is going to move forward from here.
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