Why It's So Easy To Be Wrong About Bashar Al-Assad And Syria

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  • nethrelm reply Hm...yeah something smells about this whole thing. I'm having a pretty hard time buying that THAT guy is some kind of deranged dictator. I just don't see it. Not to mention that no official evidence of his alleged crimes against his people has been presented to anyone outside of the government. It's all just "take our word for it" up to this point, and that just doesn't work for me -- especially when the guy himself doesn't come across as being particularly threatening or belligerent in any way. I'm not willing to go so far as to say the media and government is lying about Assad and Syria, but I can genuinely say that I'm skeptical. I don't know what the truth of it is at all, but I'm pretty sure that whatever it is, we aren't hearing it from the media or the government. At best we are hearing a partial truth, and at worst it is complete lies. He did say one thing that concerned me though. He basically suggested that anyone that is armed is a terrorist in his eyes, and that he believe...mores that is true internationally (which it isn't). That kind of thinking is pretty extreme and could easily lead to him killing his own people if it is really that black and white to him. Granted he was speaking about military-grade machine guns, but in the U.S. at least you can legally acquire pre-1986 versions of such machine guns, though it is a long and somewhat expensive process so most people don't bother. Point is, it seems he doesn't believe that the people of his country have a right to defend themselves, but instead must rely on the military to do so, which is a pretty typical stance for a dictator. That doesn't mean he is one, but with no ability to fight back, his people are certainly at risk of being oppressed by an authoritarian regime at some point.
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