Star Trek: Discovery is Truly God Awful

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  • ReallyRandomReviews reply I've listened to this three times now and it's just so good and intelligent. Hollywood and TV are pushing messages too hard and aren't allowing people who simply don't want to hear it, enjoy their shows. Everything has to have a message. You're 100% right about Sisko. Didn't even cross my mind that he was black. He's a fictional man in a sci-fi show--- it didn't matter. If we don't change this trend, every show is going to be ruined. Just cast the best actors for the roles and stop thinking so deep into their skin colour and other facets that just don't matter. The "real-world" is infecting my "escapism" and I'm tired of it.
  • scaramanga reply Going to be a lot of Klingon cos-players wearing "Remain Klingon" hats or chanting "10 ships more." Klingon the next costume banned at comicons.
  • [ – ] Revengex reply I have been telling people that the evil Klingons are really meant to be a representative of radical Islamics. It drives them crazy.
    • PorkCow parent reply While instead the show is trying to demonize the culture that lets women shop and is concerned with public safety, stability and freedom. Ya know, those evil Trump Voters. How dare anyone insult radical Muslims like that.
  • StatsChew reply As most of my generation, I grew up on these episode, I wonder what is the message they want to give the current generation if not self-hate?
  • Crypto_Fan reply "Its the whitest room... the room is just so unbelievably white" They never say why this is a bad thing. They just want us to axiomatically believe this to be a negative. They won't be able to explain why its bad without sounding racist.
  • AbdulAlhazred reply Trump supporters are badass Klingons while SJWs are lame feds? This is going to be the BEST star trek ever! REMAIN KLINGON!!!
  • Politics_N_Games reply I'm glad Dave watched this, because I couldn't.
  • blueberrym reply I don't watch star trek and I didn't grow up with star trek, but I have to admit, the TV world is ruining the series by making obvious political commentary like this. In the Force Awakens, there was absolutely no political commentary, but after Trump won I fear that episode 8 might have the same regressive commentary. I just hope it doesn't happen.
  • [ – ] TriNebula reply Star trek is all about subtle allegory--but what they're doing is the opposite--it's whiny and didactic.
    • PorkCow parent reply "The Outcast" came close. Although, if that episode was made by these people, the writers would consider the J'naii the good guys. Exterminating the concept of gender by force is what the Hollywood left is all about.
  • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming reply Wow, truly disappointing... #makestartrekgreatagain
  • [ – ] sleeper69 reply I loved Star Trek TNG & DS9 as a kid. So sad the franchise has come to this.
  • notfound reply Don't forget how 2 small women were able to fight giant, fully armored Klingon warriors hand to hand - and match them for physical strength. No matter what you say, that's not possible.
  • CapnMintbeard reply Well if it wasn't doomed to fail because CBS wants to put it on its exclusive streaming service, having it betray the spirit of the show certainly will. This, and the political climate it represents truly sadden and sicken me. I remember the old Left. The Left that was about inclusion for all while celebrating differences. Placing value on a person as a person and knowing that everyone is a person first and foremost, not how it is now. Helping and respecting everyone, whether different or the same. Sound familiar? That's what MY FEDERATION and MY LEFT are about. I really just can't comprehend this new "SJW"-ified left. How are hate and exclusion supposed to bring everyone together? How does attacking and attempting to silence those who disagree with you help to build common ground? How can you insist on being yourself while denying that same respect to others?
  • [ – ] VGJustice reply I saw maybe about half of the later portion of the first episode. And just in that short period of time, I found that I hated the main character, couldn't stand the visual style, and found that the show was completely missing the point of Star Trek. Trek has always been about the positive outlook of the human condition. That we would become unified in time. Sure, it's Socialism in Space, but that's miles better than what I saw in Discovery.
    • [ – ] userless_world parent reply This is just the Pilot so wait ;)
      • [ – ] Florella parent reply I want to be optimistic, but these social justice shenanigans are definitely the trend. It's always jarring how the people who get so upset about exclusion exclude with such vigor. I don't necessarily dislike the new Klingon design though. I'm alright with it.
        • VGJustice parent reply Personally? I say watch The Orville instead. Sure, it's dumb comedy. But it's also got better production value. It does Star Trek better than Discovery. And it's at least entertaining.
  • KimHanson reply Before seeing this vid, I watched about 2 minutes of episode 2. Some of the worst acting ever on prime time TV. (Now to see what Dave has to say.)
  • Platypus67 reply So WHITE nationalist are CHARCOAL BLACK?! 'MK... And the clingons wear sexy golden spiderweb garments; oooh, SOOOO coool!! B. A. R. F. Period. The boycott is VERY real. I love regressive progressives so much... Admiral Piccard would triple facepalm. Btw: The AXANAR - trailer with just the main characters talking was so brilliant they simply HAD to stop the project - they would have had no chance to top this fan film. I was furious when i read about the ban hammer!!
  • [ – ] Geyck reply I always thought Voyager was very SJWish though the term wasn't around yet, and just weird. Woman Captain, hot Klingon and Borg, black Vulcan. And the chef on the bridge all the time? Was it ever good?
    • CapnMintbeard parent reply It was an outlier for sure, but still good. I felt it did a good job of bringing back the element of exploration and discovery that TOS had.
  • BeanBoy reply Follow me
  • AxxL_Afriku reply god awful? so you believe in god?
  • samjip reply Glad I didn't bother with it. TNG's the only one I kind of like anyhow.
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