Top 5 Best Undertaker Matches

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  • [ – ] Magnetrex reply Wow! I'm surprised that you didn't include his 1997 King of the Ring match against Mankind as the #1 match
  • cjallday1130 reply Reakly well done list. Love the respect you give to the Deadman
  • POVincent reply The emotion of the Taker vs. HHH: Hell in a Cell match, has stayed with me all these years. I went to go watch that pay-per-view at my local Hooters (Ha ha, yes, I know). The place was sooo packed that I couldn't get a table. I stuck in the doorway, along with a dozen other guys, to the restaurant, the whole time, but you know what? It didn't matter because THE MATCH WAS FREAKING AWESOME. It was action packed, well performed by all three of those legends, and was just flat out, remarkably epic.
  • RedactedProfile reply I like that you used actual clips, that's a damn rare thing in wrestling vlisticles like this
  • Aaronshy reply Taker still one of the best wrestlers of all time! At least Undertaker can relax now. Question is does he really want to relax.
  • BiGEd5 reply That intro Man! That was great :)
  • basilclover reply I almost couldn't find this!! I love this video, great job Walter :)
  • HotWithoutABuzz reply Undertaker vs Mankind 1997 King of the Ring is TOP 5
  • [ – ] PassLowRow reply Is this the real Channel Awesome? I'm conflicted because this Undertaker Post.
  • SharkPlaysGames reply Whoa wait. what?! no Taker v Kain from Wrestlemania 14?
  • OnlyJuancarlos reply What a career and what a legend! I was there live for WM25 and that was definitely the best match I've ever seen in my life
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply WWE claimed this video on YouTube! Fortunately it's here too :3
  • brandon_roberts reply nice video i agree with all of these
  • [ – ] digimbyte reply what do I think? I think you have disgusting overlays. you make a bevel embossed number, render it with depth and then Re-bevel-emboss it? what are you going for? who in their right mind says "hey, that graphic looks powerful and clear, a masterpiece."
  • HeadcolorsTV reply Another honorable mention for you: WrestleMania VIII, vs. one of my personal all-time favorites, Jake Roberts. That was his first big match after his big face turn, and it's always overlooked. The story leading into, and during, the match was great. The betrayal; the notion that there is greater evil than death, itself; the build-up and fear of the DDT (back when it was a goddamn killer), only to have Taker get up from it TWICE; and the commentary...Bobby Heenan at his absolute finest, along with Gorilla Monsoon. It was eclipsed by the stellar Flair/Savage match, but it's still a gem to find and watch online.
  • TWKReviews reply That's a pretty fantastic list. I'm almost certain one could make a top 20 best Undertaker matches list considering his legacy.
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