NY Daily News Reporting - Nearly 50% of Trump Voters believe Clinton Is Involved In Pedophilia Ring

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  • grappler58 reply I BELIEVE EVERY WORD IS TRUE,based on SLICK WILLY being impeached for having sex in the oval office with a page ,and his frequent trips to orgy island while he was POTUS,the Clintons are as evil as they come,and obama is just as guilty as the Clintons and John Podesta
  • JohnSmith508 reply I'm BRAND NEW TO VID.ME! FuckYou youtube! Fuck you censorship
  • Badgajit reply I hate her but I miss her...hag needs to come back for another curtain call.
  • candicane reply I can't stand her either
  • Ascendaeus reply I don't think she should be Allowed near Children, But, full Disclosure, I'm Biased because I Fucking Hate her... Here's my Thoughts on Globalism. https://vid.me/hT2Q
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