The Jojo Live Action Movie Looks Crappy...

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  • RetroBit reply It just seems like anime's are so over the top crazy and expressive that when you try to make it into a live action movie it always comes of.. Well. Kind of awkward and like you said "Mehh". It's not that they're all bad by any means... I think the whole live action thing is mostly a subtle novelty to see what they were able to properly adapt into a "real life" kind of setting.
  • SwolePonHiki reply Jojo is the most over-the-top expressive, bombastic anime/manga I've ever seen. Trying to translate it from a manga to an anime must have been a monumental task, considering the material. Trying to transfer it from an anime to a live-action movie just seems impossible. That said, I'm still happy this is coming out. I anticipate sitting down with some friends and busting a seam over the awkward attempt at adaptation and terrible CG.
  • InnocentMusik reply I'm scared of what they'll do this. I just finished watching all 4 parts of JoJo and I fell in love with it...Japan isn't the best with anime to live action - movie and stage play alike.
  • nexxtmediaguide reply maybe this is a fake movie to troll north americans?
  • devbyrd1 reply Doesn't like anime... KILL HIM, KILL HIM WITH FIRE!!!!
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