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  • [ – ] LadyK reply @DiamondDebLP You just gave me an idea for a little vlog series. Does your mom have any psychic abilities? I ask because I had an NDE (Near Death Experience), and I came back with some abilities. I didn't have an out of body experience like your mom had. I really died and came back to earth. I think I will talk about it in this new vlog series. Thanks for sharing.
    • DiamondDebLP parent reply Mom had psychic abilities prior to it happening, at least that is how I see it. Her father came to her the night he passed, after he passed away. I believe being able to have that connection to the dead is a psychic ability. Quite a few people in my family have had these experiences, plus more, including myself. :) I can't wait to see your videos.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Wow a horrific story, good for grandmother to stand her ground, your mom never gave up that's for sure.
    • DiamondDebLP parent reply I can only imagine how my grandma felt walking in & seeing her child like that. Mom is fighting once again, life has tried to take her out a few times now.
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