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  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply I'd watch it just to see how much PC crap has made it into the remake. The only way the SHW's could like it would be if Bruce Willis went around apologizing that's systemic racism and sexism exist due to the fact that white males also still exist. If he turned his gun on himself at the end of the film, Hollywood would heap praise and awards on it, & jada pinkett would bitch how the role should have gone to her wife will smith
  • [ – ] GuyverOne reply The trailer looks okay, seems like Bruce is actually engaged in this movie rather than sleeping his way though it. Like you said though I bet these same snowflakes who don't like the idea of this movie are the same people throwing money at marvel and dc movies.
    • THOMPSONATOR parent reply Oh, I don't know bro, probably just the handful of people who are still throwing money at Marvel comics. I'm going to laugh really hard at the articles these people write if Death Wish does well at the box office. It'll be hilarious, "Death Wish slayed the box office, revealing what we knew all along. America is filled with violent racists...."
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