Romeo X Juliet Review

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  • [ – ] fddnm reply Because tragedy creates a dark void in my chest when it happens, I've been reluctant to start this anime. Though I've owned a copy since 2013 so I'm bound to watch it sooner or later lol. But hey now I have a better idea of what to expect I suppose :^) I'll try to make it through your backlog of reviews. Keep making more reviews because the online community needs more good anime reviewers :P
    • [ – ] MissMulti parent reply Argh yeah but most who have seen or know of the original play kind of know what to expect, at least in terms of what kind of story it's going to be, but it does have some good little plot twists in there which was quite unexpected! I've not been reviewing for very long but i've had a little experience from my gaming channel in making videos but anime is such a different layout. I am really enjoying it so far and i'm still learning as i go! Thanks for stopping by :D
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I've never heard of this anime. Into the backlog it goes. It doesn't seem like the play too much but I guess some liberties can be taken for such a classic story to spice it up. Kind of like the giant robot duel in Gankutsuou.
    • MissMulti parent reply Never watched Gankusuou :P That's the nice thing about reviewing old anime is that i'm introducing new anime to people who may have missed them. I actually remember saying to myself a long time ago about watching this one but never did, as i was looking through my to watch list i found it again! xD It's different from the play but similar at the same time there are parts like it and other parts not. There is a kind of plot twist near the end but it was kind of rushed. Thanks for stopping by :-)
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