NY: Muslim Terrorist Truck Attack - 8 dead

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  • [ – ] Caleb_Projects reply A couple funny lines: -23.28 "The station reports the suspect was shot in the buttocks and was transported to a hospital." -22.46 The caption reads: "After crashing his car, the suspect opened fire using imitation guns."
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply It is somehow strange, isn't it? Why did he have to rent a truck, in the first place? He allegedly owned two truck companies himself. The whole story is shady, in my opinion.
  • [ – ] Caleb_Projects reply What are we going to do when autonomous vehicles intentionally veer off the road and hit people?
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply I would get a blood test if you slept with an African. They have this thing call HPV. You can generally tell when you have it by a smell that comes from female and male sex organs. Those f you that have it can probably recall when you were young, you never had to think about the smell that came from your thingy! For those of you that like that rotten smell, it unfortunately causes ovarian and testicular cancer
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Oh, I did not know that.
      • [ – ] AndyOch parent reply I attended a dinner at one of my coworkers, back when I punched a clock. During this dinner, I put my arm on the armrest of a chair for comfort. The next day my arm broke out in boils and the skin bubbled up. Turned out it was MRSA. I freaked! This is when I started studying viruses, diseases and pathogenic organisms of other races of peoples. The CDC covers up all of this information. They are another group like the UN and EU that needs to be abolished! After my studies of the other races, I have become like a modern day Howard Hugh's! I do not want anyone from another race to touch me, and I always check to see if my sexual partners have had an interracial relationship, or have had a partner that has had this contact! I have read various journals that have stated that the refugees that are coming into Europe have dieses that have never been cataloged and have no known cure. They are now running around in the streets, sleeping with prostitutes that in turn spread it more! Just Great! ...moreHELL ON EARTH
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