All My Newest Videos Got Demonetised

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  • [ – ] Topmotions reply I think its time to start a patron or something, Did some googling and I am not the only one that had all there latest videos Demonetized for no reason. The problem is that I don't like patron after the got so SJW. Anyone who knows a alternative?
  • [ – ] euanaustin reply You are not the only one! If you look at VidMe Trending you will see blackpigeon has also been demonetised. Others such as the David Pakman Show, on YT, have been suffering from demonetisation for a long-time. I'm not sure whether they labelled some of your videos 'not suitable for advertisers' because the companies think they wont appeal to animation fans or whether it was tags you might have used. In the case of the DPS I believe it was thanks to the tags they used. In any case, read YT's terms of service and/or guidelines. If you are sure you video/tags don't violate whatever flavour of policy they have chosen this month then email them, and even if your videos do violate YT's policies take up the issue with them anyway. Get to blackpigeon's video and organise w/ others... maybe there's a sub-reddit etc. Good luck! I've followed to support you.
    • Topmotions parent reply Thank You :) I also seen some other youtube that got all there videos demonizted recently, and I will be checking my tags and stuff to see if theres anting there.
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