On the Boston Free Speech Rally, Counterprotests, VA Shiva, Trump's Response, etc

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  • LaundromatGypsy reply Some people need to still learn the difference between "Defend & Protect" and "Attack & Destroy"....
  • [ – ] Justicewithasword reply I live in Boston atm. It was a shit show m8. Boston is truly autistic atm. Everyone screeching about imaginary white supremacists and Nazis.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Damn. I live in michigan, it's super chill here. Then again im far from "the d" ... that place is a #&$*in warzone!!! Always has been though. I go about my day and never see any of this nonsense, just sane people walking around. So glad btw, keep your paid demonstrations designed to necessitate authoritarians TF away from michigan kthxz lol. We do have a lot of lakes tho, water calms the soul imo
      • [ – ] ThatOneNwah parent reply Live 15 minutes out of Detroit. We don't see it here either.
        • [ – ] Alternatekek parent reply I am in Aurora, 2nd largest city of IL and majority latino/white with a large black minority and I have seen zero social strife. I even worn a "Hillary for prison shirt" on accident one time to a black shop and no one said a thing. Also worn my "LGBT, liberty, beer, guns, Trump" tank and no one said a thing inside 3 different counties and 5 different towns one weekend when I was out with friends. I am 30minutes away from Chicago with no traffic. Not sure why no one chimps out over here, I think people in this area of the US prefer order over chaos. Also cops around this state are good at their job to an almost annoying degree in some parts. This causes even criminals to avoid violent crime, everyone is about being "extra lowkey" and even then they get busted and put into jail for months or prison for years. At that same time the cops have a good side for real civies as I have been caught with weed multiple times and never had a fine or arrest. Maybe poor policing causes this issue or ...moremaybe I am just used to living in a police state? If this is a police state I support it.
    • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast parent reply Boston is "modern liberal" as hell m8
    • DickDitty parent reply Thanks Justice, I suspected as much; good to hear it from the street.
  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply Agreed. It was a useful example of how important the 1st amendment is for discourse and expression. They also managed to isolate and expose Antifa for it's inversion on reality. They're not truly Anti-Fascist. In fact, they are fascists. Their dictator is George Soros.
    • [ – ] PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast parent reply I say the exact same thing, but dems don't seem to get it. Yeah, they dress like fascists, that act like fascists, they behave and force violence upon opposing ideologies like fascists.. But they're ANTIfascists. Wow..
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Love it!!! Im not sure how everyone knows this is soros but it does seem like SOMEONE or a group of people is organizing chaos so they can say: " see look this is why we need more authoritarian extremes " either left or right. Thank goodness for Styx promoting the centrist view of sane compromise.... i mean he's got a decent size audience and I've also noticed he's generating mini-styx minions to spread his message lol... I've been subbing to his followers and a bunch are now making similar videos. Tis great!!!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I'm fine with trump pivoting centre... please just throw them a small bone so we don't head into chaos. Totally fine with compromise. Also, whoever is attacking the police needs to stop that, it's going to cause even more problems. Just let them do their job and if you have problems with laws: then campaign to change the laws you don't like. Autistically screeching about f the p is only going to cause a further division, and gets absolutely nothing accomplished... it also gets people hurt.
  • dumpthendp reply This is one of the best videos for quality of both audio and video I have seen of yours. Especially audio, it is just right levels. Is that vidme, or changes you made on recording?
  • winter__leaf reply Shiva got some good publicity. Really makes you think.
  • [ – ] Casmige reply ewwww, I see what you did! oO (((New flag))) Oo
  • FunkyMunky reply ANTIFA members: Kill yourself
  • TheCommonNephil reply Well Give or Take It's gonna be a matter of time people are get sick of Antifa
  • Tangara reply the level of irony of this whole event was god-tier
  • [ – ] PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply What we have in this country at the moment is crony-capitalism (not capitalism) moving more and more towards greater socialism, greater government control, and hopefully, not inevitably communism. I don't think the true patriots and libertarians would allow for that to happen though. Surely not, as long as we still have the RIGHT to bear arms.
    • [ – ] Mountainghost556 parent reply I agree I like to call it elitist capitalism . As long as the elite can make money than everyone one is happy. The problem is when they have made all their money, what are their next set of plans? I think you know the answer, Because we are already seeing the first step.
      • [ – ] PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast parent reply Yeah, if they can't do it through a visible government that can deceive the people, they will do it by any other means.
        • [ – ] Mountainghost556 parent reply I have done private security for some of the blood lines and they absolutely despise us we are nothing but talking animals to them. They regard us as slaves and a end to a mean. And they absolutely love war and laugh at numbers.
  • Mountainghost556 reply To not talk about something and try to suppress it ,only causes it to fester and grow bigger and infect,thus poison the body. It's like that junkie family member that everyone says will just go away if we ignore him, until one day he robs and kills one of the family. Instead of talking about the situation in the beginning and try getting him help you ignore him till he is beyond that families help.
  • LloydBlankfein reply Reason they say its 30 million is because the last official number of illegal immigrants was ten years old before Obongo
  • ErickAlden reply Down with big brother!
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Nothing going on near me...then again I live in the middle of nowhere...Northern Jersey.
  • Thomastine reply lol, "ten thousand million."
  • Cyriu reply I can just imagine a Antifa member eating their bowl of Stalin-O's for breakfast.
  • Xenovista reply I mentioned this elsewhere but... "I was unware Nazis were allowing BLACK MEN who espouse love in to their ranks. Are they diversifying?"
  • bburnell reply 'Liberals get the bullet too.' Antifa
  • Giantdadismisareligionofpeace reply Don't call me a nut for spreading the glorious tenets of Italian Corporatism >:(
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