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  • [ ā€“ ] Misfortunecookie reply You self-identify as libertarian. So why do you think the government should be telling people how to dress, or telling them how to identify culturally? That seems to be diametrically opposed to your ideology. For the record, I don't have any issues with Pagor's speech, and would have had a much better school experience if these policies were implemented when I was educated in public schools, but I don't self-identify as a libertarian who "believes in limited government in both our lives and in our wallets." It is you who wants the school system to be a tool of assimilation (and I believe it should be too, but again, I'm not libertarian). I'm Canadian, and I'm glad to have public health care (it saved my life from a horrible, long-term, antibiotic-resistant infection, I would be dead or a debt-slave as an American, through absolutely no fault of my own, just bad luck) among other social services we depend on. Crises are unforeseeable. No one thinks they need insurance until they do. I ...morebelieve the government should play a large, but specific role in our lives, as long as a democracy is functional. It takes a village to raise a child. Maybe your average life expectancy would be somewhere above Chile and Costa Rica if your country redistributed a little bit more of that immense top-heavy wealth in the form of social services. 31st isn't a flattering finish in the race for good health.
    • [ ā€“ ] RationalOutlaw parent reply The reason why I am for it is because this is in schools. Its so that they will be prepared for the world. The can dress or act however they want outside of school, but just not at school. For that reason it does not contradict my beliefs. Think of school as a job. At a job you either have a dress code and/or a uniform you have to follow/wear. You are not forced out side of your job to act or dress in anyway, but at work you do.
      • Misfortunecookie parent reply School is not at all like a job, except in extremely superficial respects. It is foolish to draw parallels between the two. You are free to leave a job and find another one. The same is not true of school (most cannot afford to shop for a private K-12 education). By the time you are legally allowed to work for pay, you have been educated to a minimum level, have a tenuous grasp of what is fair and what is not, and some idea of your rights and how society works. This is not true of school. School is a mandatory indoctrination system, as well as a baby-sitting service to keep both parents working to exhaustion for the piss that trickles down from the "job creators." Unlike a job, you have no choice but to attend school, and you are forced into the system when you are barely cognizant (decent potty training, basic spoken language, and a certain degree of physical coordination are all that are required). If the government so chooses, education can be used to indoctrinate students into any...more kind of belief system desired. You could brainwash a generation of fascists. Do American schools still make you pledge of allegiance to the flag? Most people in the democratized world find this practice quite disturbing. How many libertarians do you think would come out of a very serious school system with fascist ideals? The history you're taught is already a bastardized version of the actual events, and whether we are consciously aware of it or not, the system has successfully brainwashed both of us to hold certain values very dear to our hearts. The advertising industry knows this well - if you get them when they're young, they are yours forever. As social animals our young brains are wired open to soak up, adapt, and conform when we are small and malleable. I'll hazard to guess that you are fairly young, based on your writing chops and the personalities you follow. Wait until you, or someone you love dearly, is diagnosed with a random cancer that all the green smoothies and exercise in the world could not prevent. Just a losing ticket in the genetic lottery. Then, hope that your job is just complex enough that it won't be automated out of existence before you can finish your debt slavery to the treatment bills. We will see, then, how hardcore of a libertarian you are, and how little you want the government to "stay out of other peoples wallets" to help those who get a bad spin on the wheel. I promise I will not donate to your indiegogo campaign (American's current favorite solution to the health care crisis) to keep your ideology pure. In a time of historically unprecedented economic inequality in America and global ecological crisis, I find it very odd that someone young would hold such views. Have you considered that perhaps you have been successfully indoctrinated into the "free market solves everything" USA religion by the education system? Research the quality of drinking water in US rivers and other ecological disasters that came before government regulation bodies like the EPA were created if you want to see how a "free market" "self-regulates" - the libertarian ideal. That's not a world you want to live in. Well, it's certainly not a world I want to live in. Only if your parents are near the top of the monetary pecking order could I understand a young person today holding libertarian ideals, considering the crippled state of economic mobility in the US - the "I've got mine" capital of the western world. One day you will have more life experience, and a broader world view, and re-evaluate your perspective. Perhaps it will change, perhaps it won't, but to lock yourself in and advertise an ideology in your profile is rigid and conformist. You are clearly intelligent, and every intelligent person should be constantly reevaluating their political and ideological position based on new information and new experiences. Card carrying members are loathsome drones. Be undecided for life. Keep them guessing. I like your presentation, clever character design, and I enjoy the simple use of the single eye for expression. Critically, your sound quality is also very good. I'd watch more of your videos, because I like your style, but the people you critique are so beneath you, and so beneath me, that they are just too asinine to listen to and watch. It is almost physically painful for me. I can't believe these idiots gather a major following on the internet. It's disturbing they even have an audience. I assume that they're around your age demographic, so they're relevant to you and your peers. For me, they are utterly disposable non-intellectuals. Who the hell wants to waste time on these dullards when you have access to the greatest minds in history? I never considered the perspectives of my peers to be very relevant when I was an adolescent or young adult, except when it came to my close friends and personal issues. Why would anyone? Who cares what the class president thinks? These youtubers are the same: Just winners of popularity contests, not thinkers. I made older friends and listened carefully to them if I wanted to actually learn about the world. Teens and young adults have physiologically underdeveloped brains, and are completely lacking in life experience. Now the internet has given everyone a megaphone - whether they deserve one or not. We can all pretend to be intellectual philosophers on the INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY. Fuck. I spilled chocolate milk on my shirt. Better call the Bureau of Shirt Cleaning and socialize the cleaning costs. Regards.
  • [ ā€“ ] burnthebiblexd reply this shit fucking sucks. all of ur videos suck. another generic skeptic with a suit and tie getting triggered over the fact that right wingers are being called out for stupid bullshit that they do on a daily basis. kill yourself bro.
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