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  • GodShiva reply I'm 44 seconds into your video... how long is this clip, IT'S PAINFUL TO WATCH?! I mean.. I'm no fan of Steve, but jfc...
  • NoirKamui reply AIU is simply projecting strength and to pretend that weakness is virtue is not good for anybody. He is not saying "the more the better". He is just shaming weakness into realization that anybody can take their life into their own hands independent on their circumstances, that weak minds tend to use as excuses. His style of delivering is a bit specific, that's true, but I love to hear a different and clever take on everyday problems of especially young people.
  • StonedDragon reply I just cant understand AIU. I tried in the past and watching this now, i just have to shrug and admit, hes a doche and he is insecure as fuck
  • iccarus reply Devon is a Dick and his subs are retarded.
  • HectorDefendi reply Devon CAN be quite immature at times. So what if Steve only had sex with 4 people? An-e-way... Ridiculous.
  • [ – ] HelenaHandbaskit reply Hi Kizzume! What's the difference between subscribe and follow on this contraption?
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