The Google Manifesto - CrimeThink Pilot (Pt 1)

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  • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 reply Let's see is this the Orewellian 1984? Is this the diversity echo chamber? Let me think....YEP!!!
    • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 parent reply Here's another thing the left refuses to acknowledge; all this push for diversity, diversity, diversity we've heard and seen non-stop for the last 30 yrs. was TOTALLY STARTED BY, AND IS TOTALLY PUSHED BY, TOTALLY CORRUPT POLITICAL AND CORPRATE INTERESTS FOR POLITICAL POWER AND MONETARY GAIN.
      • [ – ] skreutzer parent reply Hmm, how does one exactly gain political power or money from it?
        • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 parent reply Glad you asked. Surprised you can't figure it out. How about political support in the form of votes and general support from such illegals who form political organizations like 'LaRaza' (it means "The Race" in Spanish, you see, (because the the left are a bunch of wicked hate-filled anti-white racists) The Obama administration pitted blacks and other minorities against whites to push their agenda through creating large entitlement programs which created jobs for large numbers of bureaucrats all who depend on enforcing the hundreds "civil right" regulations such as requiring employers to hire a certain percentage of minorities or guaranteeing school loans to illegal residents. Without this multitude of illegal immigrants these bureaucrat/social workers would be out of work! And as everybody who has half a brain knows; the vast majority of the government employees and their clients VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Laws and governmental policies were enacted giving rights to ILLEGAL entrants to our count...morery who have no legal rights in our country, since they are NON CITIZENS. In some cases, Driver's Licenses etc. enabling them to vote. A long time Democratic Party worker during the last election admitted on camera that they would take bus fulls of illegals from precinct to precinct to vote, since voter ID laws were struck down in many states (most notably California). voter watchdog groups are many times stonewalled from monitoring elections. Let's not forget employers especially in the tech industry who spent the last 2 decades hiring overseas and H1B1 (may have the name of the visa program wrong) workers for a cheaper wage than qualified American workers, all the while perpetuating the myth that there weren't enough qualified Americans to fill these jobs, despite the fact that out tech schools were literally turning out graduates by the millions! Time fails me to talk about Catholic and other charities, immigration lawyers, human and drug traffickers, race agitators and criminal groups all of whom, depend on illegal immigrants and minorities for their well being. Damn skreutzer, how the hell is it, that you don't know any of this? Have you been living under a damn rock?
          • [ – ] skreutzer parent reply Well, see, from what you're writing, I'm pretty sure that you're talking about the US. You know, it's way different in Europe, an "illegal" entrant isn't the same under your rock in comparison to under my rock. As I know a little bit about the tech industry, it's not that you don't produce enough qualified Americans, but there's nothing more motivated than the second generation of immigrants, the Silicon Valley is more or less built by them. I understand why Detroit factory workers might want to change immigration policy to improve their chances on the job market, but I guess the US would suffer from such changes as a whole in the high-tech sector.
            • JohnnyAppleseed2 parent reply Yea I'm about the US. If your not a US citizen, your opinion is worthless to me. I was born and raised right here in good ol liberal Eugene, Or. and I've been around this country quite abit and I know more about this country than you do, but thanks for answering. I'm through talking on this thread, because political discussions nowdays tend to raise my blood pressure.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Nice episode! Enjoyed
  • skreutzer reply In my opinion, the solution can never be to make spaces more safe, but to learn some social competence in order to not being easily hurt by words. -19:07 So what's the actual criticism? That the biological differences aren't true? Is it wrong to state them? The way I see it: women can give birth, men can't, so women tend to be more caring, empathetic, social while men are more likely to search for fulfillment in areas not related to living things. This doesn't mean that there are any laws or restrictions preventing men/women for going into typical jobs of the other gender, but it doesn't look like women are overly eager to make use of their liberty and become miners, construction workers or serve in the military, while men don't seem to rush to become housemen in great numbers. -11:30 Science is a religion. Facts are facts, but they get selected or ignored/overlooked, their publication can be one-sided, and there's no incentive to do research into directions which are contrary to the...more current beliefs. Science has its preconditions, such as: everything that's not measurable/observable (with our limited instruments of the time) can't exist. Perfect example is given by yourselfes: since ancient times, it was generally known and accepted that the earth is round. The enlightenment created the myth that people believed that the earth is flat in order to make medieval schoolars look dump. Hollywood did their part too. If Columbus would have believed that the earth is flat, he would never started to search for India via sailing on the bottom of the earth. Nevertheless, don't dismiss flat earth theories too lightly: depending on the geometric perspective, one can't be too sure that the earth actually is round, and keep in mind that research into our perception of geometry and other alternatives probably won't get much funding because of the biases in the science religion.
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