How Can You Speak With No Body? - (Direct Class A EVP Response!) - Amazing!

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  • [ – ] IansMagickOak reply Unlike with some of the online ghost chasers, you actually stop and gave it a chance to answer. I like that. To be heard with a recording device takes them a lot more energy than when they simply transfer information or impressions, or in some cases talk directly to me.
    • ParaGirlStories parent reply Thanks for watching x I give them chances and I talk to them as if they were alive again, I don't believe in forcing them to contact, if they don't want to then I'll need to respect that x There's been times I've gone months without a single thing happen and that's ok x
  • [ – ] APS_Paranormal_UK reply Very nice EVP right there! :) It's always frustrating how they usually answer with one or two words though. Just make you want to ask so many more questions haha.
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