Full Reading of the U.S. Constitution (Part I)

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  • [ – ] WhatNextSunshine reply Love this educating people... I try a similar thing with my channel... ;-)) DANCE BREAKS! Jay, I am a dance fitness instructor....hayy <3 I love what your doing there. Too good.
    • [ – ] girlreadingbooks parent reply Thank you so much @WhatNextSunshine! What kind of dance do you teach? That's awesome! Love your video, can't wait to see more :)
      • WhatNextSunshine parent reply It is ... basically dancing for everyone and the concept can be found in many fitness/ dance prorammes. I love to show people how to move (even they know how to do it themselves, ;-)... duh) and make them feel better about themselves. Cant help but think we all or the large majority would use some form of exercise naturally (running for example... well I dont run ;-)) fighting (unfortunately...) and also dancing in the past to be a healthier human. Maybe "use" is not the right term. And I strongly believe exercise enhances brain activity (Mel Robbins says there is even a Havard study about it... but didnt find it) and just makes you feel better. :-) So, I think we all have a natural inclination towards any form of exercise and well, for me it is the dance, and I love love love to have students in my class.. first shy, they feel akward, but they are motivated to stay. and then... they evolve... the listen to what I say, and have suddenly chins up and shoulders back, walk straight and p...moreroud, and are all happy bout moving around like little fluff balls. Uhm yes. I do Zumba ;-) But yeah, the programme leaves a lot of space to make it great, u know. Importance is to have everyone healthy, happy and safe. :-)
  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply Thank you for this, enjoyed the reading a lot. I'm not too keen on the part about a minority being able to decide the meeting notes are kept secret. There should be no secrets in a Constitutional Republic.
    • [ – ] girlreadingbooks parent reply I completely agree, it's part of why I think FULL readings of the Constitution are important. Before I dropped out of law school I'd taken Con Law, and they had us reading OPINIONS interpreting he Constitution BEFORE actually reading and thinking about it. In my opinion, it was an abomination of teaching to be so neglectful and blatantly malicious in warping a students' perspectives on such a foundational document before offering the opportunity to think about it independently. We are the future plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers, judges, teachers - all of us decide what the Constitution means every generation as the last one passes. It's organic, and natural. But by allowing a few publishers to decide what being an American means, and what rights that bestows and precludes - we neglect our greatest civic duty, defend our freedom to think. This often requires the gift of time and quiet, for such an environment is the only one which allows reflection. Too often now reflection is discus...moresed in terms of "self-reflection." But nay, if we spent half as much time reflecting on the input we received, we'd grow wiser with every moment spent wondering. We must raise the status of wonder, of wisdom, of reflection. The masters of such things, as acknowledged by the community, should be rewarded with positions of leadership, and praise for their patience and virtue. This was more like how some Native American tribes would orbiting and trusting men to rise the ranks of political power through the wisdom and benefits they brought to the whole, not themselves. We must praise patience. Defend virtue. Shame impatience. Shame hyper-confidence. Reward humility. I look forward to publishing more videos. Many operations in the works. Best, GRB.
  • JRCSalter reply Is it strange that I know more about how American politics works than British? Nevertheless, fascinating video. Didn't think I'd sit through it all. All I wanted to do was to just check it out, and I thought I'd switch off as soon as 'We the people'.
  • [ – ] mccbythesea reply I've already been reminded of what certainly much too long ago history class! Pretty psyched about dance breaks. Excellent camera presence and cadence.
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Thank you @mccbythesea - WE ALL GOTTA WIGGLE IT OUT SOMETIMES!!! (Because DORKS are VERY FASHIONABLE) Without breaks, our mind cannot know the difference between relaxation and work -- Just as without the Dark, we could never know the Light.
  • [ – ] WhatNextSunshine reply Used to do latin dance, but a lot of women wanna dance... but dont hava partner, so I started dance-fitness/ Zumba (Iknow... in the US it is not THAT popular) but it give a lot of people the opportunity to dance, to feel great and it makes them so happy! I always make sure the music is super awesome and that everyone feels good. So... that is fun really ;-)
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply @WhatNextSunshine I'd love to hear some of the music that you play to your classes! Maybe we can exchange some linky links and dork out on music :)
  • [ – ] Angry_Rambo_Show reply Cool video grb
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