Exercise While Under-Slept

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  • [ – ] LMFitness reply Hi Geoff, well done for getting out & walking despite being under-slept. Check out my video about sleep patterns if you want and by all means follow me for any more content I share. 👍🏻
    • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply Thanks. I follow for follow. I am guessing this is the video you meant? https://vid.me/RM9U I have been staying with a friend who has a bug problem. We've spent a lot of time and money trying to fix the problem. I suspect I'll be sleeping better once this nonsense is done and over with.
      • [ – ] LMFitness parent reply I hope you get it sorted.
        • WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply Thanks. As I was doing my research I see others impacted buy the mental stress of worrying bugs are crawling on us. Aside from that, I'll take a look at your video. I think my failure to get good sleep stems from loneliness and also the inability to let go of the work of the day at a certain point.
  • [ – ] ExcalibursZone reply I wish I had some nice trails like that around where I live. For some reason, sidewalks weren't a top priority around here when my neighborhood was designed. I guess due to the heat & humidity, planners don't think people like to go outside unless it's to get in their car with A/C. I need to get my gym membership going and use the indoor track more. Keep up the great work, man! And I hear you on the sleep deprivation. I get that all the time.
    • WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply If it's any consolation, this is in Los Angeles so the air quality isn't great. This park has a lot of litter and smelly areas. I need to get back to Pasadena more. Regarding lack of sidewalks, damn your city planners. I have the same problem in my hometown (small town north of Sacramento). I guess when they made the town they just assumed everyone would get by on horse and carriage.
  • [ – ] TheSmusher reply I admire how in spite of being under slept you went for a walk... I never noticed the light at the beginning. I think video creators notice that stuff more than us average viewers.
  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply 🎥 For best quality, on the bottom right-hand side, click on the gear icon ⚙️, select "720p." Regarding the excessively glowy lighting at the start of the video, I'll try to ensure that does not happen again.
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