Socialism: The Subsidized Mass Transit to Hell

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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply My neighbor thinks that once the conservative baby boomer generation is gone the democRATS will be building a socialist utopia.
    • [ – ] AzraelStyx parent reply Civilization is only 3 missed meals away from collapse, I am curious how your neighbor thinks that is going to go for him.
      • wolfalexzemla parent reply I also told him about people in Venezuela eating their pets, He said he would eat my cats. He has no values what so ever.
      • wolfalexzemla parent reply He's always elusive on everything but knows all the socialism talking points. I tried to convert him but stefan molneux says 95% wont convert even given all the information, I think he is correct. My neighbor seems to get his information from the drug culture. Global warming will bring those missed meals and collapse in 10-20 years imo. I gave him all the data on that and he was like well, when time is up, its up. He listens but always hangs on the talking points as one would predict. Of late he's less interested in what i say. Was a fun experiment on my part.
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