The aftermath of the yard burn.

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  • [ – ] snoopE4u reply My brother burned off his yard, then wemt inside to get a drink. Then he noticed smoke, so ran back outside, and saw that the wind had ignitef some embers and blew them against the shed wall, which quickly caught on fire, he went inside to try to kick the wall out, but it had already spread to the house, do he ran to get the hose tto try to put it out, but by the time he got back the house was fully on fire. He was about to go inside to get his dyep daughter when she yelled out that she had already left the house. Every fire department for a hundred miles tried to put it out but without enough water it burned down. As it turned out they had a large insurance plan on the property and house and was able to put up a much larger prefab house. Now our family gathers at his house for holidays and other occasions because he has the most room.
    • frugalfarmer parent reply A friends shed burned down and by his own admission would be worth 1000.00 if 999.00 were inside. A mutual friend wrote his insurance policy and the shed was valued at 10,000.00 and he got close to that for it. I build him a new one and was paid very well for my work. Glad something good came of your families loss. Thanks for stopping by, come again when you will.
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