Rusty Lake: Roots - Ep 11 | Give Me Your Timepijecers

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  • [ – ] Willyaygames reply TIMEPIJECERS!!!
  • [ – ] TimBabblehump reply The people in Rusty Lake keep matches EVERYWHERE XD Loved the reaction to the catching of the fish :p These games are so ridiculous!! You should definitely play the cube escape games for the channel. Get more random murders on you channel :D
    • [ – ] robindies parent reply Hahaha Will was so mad about the fish xD I was just like, well duh it only makes logical sense, we need a fish and there is a bear trap, HERE WE GO! I really want to play them soon! It's been long enough since we finished this game that I'm somehow missing the insanity haha.
  • mintteamew reply The fish in the bear trap, I laughed so hard.
  • ConsoleKev reply the most random concept of a game lol. good stuff!
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