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  • [ – ] Xycron reply This makes me miss home lol
  • [ – ] AmberHart reply Cool Video. Hope grows, and I hope they change some features to make it easier to see video after watch one, like maybe the next? But I'm sure in time they will make the changes for better use.
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks!!! I'll see if I can get the attention of some of the team. I agree that is a future feature I would like to see improved, but for now I know they are more focused on the big stuff. However, they are all super cool people... I've chatted with a lot of them, including @sarah @Conner @warren @duffy @JeremyG and a couple others as well. They are constantly working on new and improving features for us here on so I'm sure they'd love hearing about ideas like this
  • [ – ] sharon02 reply Wow stay safe and dry ha ha
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That's pretty crazy. Just remember the water you see at the surface is the slow moving water. No matter how fast the top appears to be the water beneath it is much faster. Be safe out the Spokanese.
  • [ – ] DONALTRUMP reply ¡GOOD VIDEO! 👍😊
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