Amazing Atheist vs Harmful Opinions - Who is Right? | Alec D.

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  • [ – ] Elias79 reply I like and respect both TJ and HO but both have made some illogical and incorrect conclusions as of late, something that people tend to forget.
  • [ – ] Elias79 reply Good video :)
    • [ – ] AlecD parent reply Cheers, thanks!
      • [ – ] Elias79 parent reply Do you know why The amazing atheist and the Drunken peasants are not on or yet?
        • [ – ] AlecD parent reply Can't speak for DP episodes but I know that people in the DP forums and discord are in the process of loading all of TJs videos into vid me
          • Elias79 parent reply Sounds like a good idea now that youtube is very scetchy i just hope the creators make official channels as well.
  • GeahkBurchill reply I had a lot of trouble with all of TJ's strawmen. "harmful is a crusader!", "Harmful just doesn't want YouTubers to make money!", "Harmful thinks he's GOD!", "Harmful wants to be the top skeptic!" His entire video is full of deliberate misrepresentations, assumptions or outright well-poisoning. It's actually one of TJ's most repellent, as far as I'm concerned.
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