Trigger Happy Havoc: Danganronpa (Part 7): Hanging with the Pop Star day 2

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  • [ – ] SemiZeroGravity reply Not gonna lie is disliked DR even though I finished the first game when it had an unofficial patch back in the psp, somthing about the main character was so boring and the rest of the characters being boring aswell I couldn't stand it, but miraculously I finished the game
    • Nancy_drew_sleuth85 parent reply Its not for everyone. Either you like it or you don't. I happened to enjoy it. Getting the plat for it was a bit of a strain but manageable.
    • LWentworth8567 parent reply DR is one of those that goes ether way. I enjoyed them though they dragged on (don't do both games one after another for a project gah). In fact "That Lady" as she's known on the channel or @Nancy_drew_sleuth85 got the platinum on the vita and told me about them and when they came out on steam and it became this.
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