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  • Textnext reply And vidme call you a douche? WTF! This guy should be sent to prison... Oh wait!
  • ZimPai reply Sounds like the best phsycologist ever: "You depressed? Make a channel and get some Google Adsense monez!" But seriously, with him throwing his kid, making them cry, it baffles me that YT didn't ban his channel and make sure he doesn't make a channel ever again! Let kids be kids, seriously!
  • [ – ] YourSugoiStrwbry reply Who wants to bet that these kids will have some mental health issues in the future?
  • [ – ] BiGEd5 reply Broken Matt: DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE! DADDYOFIVE!!!
  • Double-T reply Stupid he even put his kids in his videos in the first place.
  • Oni-Kun18 reply I seriously don;t know what's funny about seeing a kid cry.
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