Guess That Animal Noise Challenge (ft. Cassidy Quinn)

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  • [ – ] USUandS reply dat moose noise tho what kind of noise DO they make now that I think about it lol
    • [ – ] redRomina parent reply LOL I don't know! I figured it was like a wailing noise. i cant believe i read moose instead of mouse *facepalm*
      • USUandS parent reply its cool lol we all make mistakes like that. i'm more concerned about the noise a moose makes
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Had me dying laughing. :D
  • DavidClapper reply haha, girls are great
  • Wolfer reply Cassidy has wonderful eyes...that is all.
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply That was funny. I enjoyed your video a lot. :) I will check out the video you recommended now. :)
  • elflord71 reply I was thinking Cassidy did a rabbit. Didn't think of either a squirrel or chipmunk. I thought yours was a frog. I always sound like an owl at night. In the morning like a bluejay. The afternoon like a horse. I'm always saying nay/neigh.
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