Exploring My Vanilla Survival World in Minecraft!

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  • [ – ] MojointheWild reply Very interesting way to write signs in your storage room. I also liked the mob trap. Adding some trap doors to the edges may have been the missing piece to get mobs to walk off. The trap door elevator is also pretty cool. I think I'm going to experiment with that idea and see how it works. The rail design isnt a terrible design actually. With some minor additions the switch would have worked really well (adding a few blocks of soul sand to slow you down right at the switch for instance). This tour gave me a lot of ideas, Jay. Thank you for sharing. Definite upvote and a follow. Looking forward to more.
    • [ – ] JayTheRocketMan parent reply I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my video and upvote it! Truly, you're awesome! I would have never thought to use soul sand in order slow down a rail cart. What a genius idea! I'm glad that you liked the tour! If you want, there's another tour as well that will be coming out soon this channel. I'm currently in the process of migrating all my videos over, so stay tuned for that if you'd like. The next world I'm very proud of as well.
      • MojointheWild parent reply Looking forward to it! I've been trying to figure out a way to migrate my Vanilla series over here and I think I'm going to use some primer videos to get people caught up and then continue uploads as normal on both sites. I'm liking vidme a great deal.
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