BULLHORN; MGTOW vs. The Orange Pill Alien

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  • [ – ] MadFurryMGTOW reply Your damn right about him wanting to get a response. He did that to TFM and what he did there was bullshit. I think it's hilarious tho that he calls it a "common sense" solution. Let me ask, what's so common sense about this? Getting into a relationship with a narsasistic cunt who will do what she wants and take no responsibility for her actions? Make off with your money and stuff even if she was unfaithful to you? Your right he can take them pills and shove them up his arse. I mean what could be the trump card of "man up" then to deny a woman her access to you? Not a damn thing. This is what I speak of in my What is a real man video
    • [ – ] GoMGTOW parent reply You got to watch out for these Orange Suppository guys... They did the same thing to Angry MGTOW, I like Angry but he was way unprepared to deal with these cucks. They intentionally baited and set him up into an argument and then shoved a kid in the mix so they could trash his show on YT!... These Blue Pill cucks think we lack the intelligence to figure out just how low they will sink to push their Blu-shit! So use caution dealing with these twisted fuckers coz they will put their own kids in harms way to push their agenda. We MGTOW learn from the mistakes of others, so do not debate these cucks face to face.
      • MadFurryMGTOW parent reply I'm not a fan of Angry and I even will call him out on bs of his, but maybe with time he'll calm his beard down. Anyways do you have a source where any of the pseudo-solution spewing assholes did this sort of thing? If so I'd love to see it before making a video on this cock goblin. The worst part is how much attention he is getting, I mean by comparison, him and I both came to vid.me and YouTube, so while he's coming out with this shit, I'm here trying to spread original ideas, gather information on MGTOW philosophy, and relationship advice in general in case some people don't want to bail on traditional ideas. It's also funny that in our short time whether vid.me or YouTube I'm also pushing out more content. Weird or what?
  • Unhipalmond360 reply The Wall is a great movie. And if you are red pill the movie enhances the red pill effect.
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