Tale of Compassion by me(CG) #blogpoetry

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  • [ – ] 123-Proverb-Monkey reply Hope this brings something to everyone,when these thoughts of suicide or ending it all happens,find something to hold on to and learn everything about it.DO NOT GIVE UP OR IN TO DEATH! I call it in Truth and after being on these roads,You get,"HIT WITH SHIT",meaning something is trying to take you out without getting their hands dirty,this is being a coward,not the person who feels like giving up,but the evil attacking them.Always remember that if you are being attacked with these thoughts,YOU are doing something good and positive,and will probably make a HUGE impact with LOVE in this world in the future,so evil will try to kill you.Find something to hold on to and things will get better! DO NOT GIVE UP BUT LIVE IN LOVE and HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Poem! You have very good potential to be a "Word Warrior" !!!
  • Christianizlife reply Ixtab is known as the Mayan goddess of suicide. The Sacred Yaxche Tree is a sacred tree in Mayan myth. Yet in mythology with the goddess Ixtab, after the person dies from suicide beneath that tree, they rest under it in the afterlife. Aokigahara is a suicide forest in Japan. There's a documentary about it on Vice's channel on YouTube. And it's a really sad place that actually exists. In a sense I attempt to bring a myth and a reality together to paint a story that creates a bigger picture. Hope you enjoy it.
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