Unintended Consequences

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  • [ – ] DrewScottsman reply Glad to see more and more youtubers coming over to vidme.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Unintended consequences of producing millions of electric cars will be the constructions hundreds of power plants to replace the liquid fuel delivery system. Not to mention that the power transmission system would have to be increased at least 5 fold. The consequence is those that don't run electric cars will see thir power rates go up as a consequence of those that are driving the system into the ground. The power to charge your car, would come from the power plant. The 34 kWh to travel 100 miles which is a sales pitch. What is 34,000 Watts a Microwave is 1400, Watts 34/ 1.4 = 23 Microwave oven running in your home and the neighbors home, think of it every home across the city. The result is there will be a boom in power plant construction. Lets not forget the transmission system that would have to be increase five fold to handle all the additional capacity. Don't let the power go out you won't be able to charge your car either now the storm has you trapped. When everyone star...morets using power to charge their cars. The electrical system will collapse fast and the cost of rebuilding will ( Drive , LOL) your power cost through the roof.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Wind or Solar power plant are part of a Ponzi Scheme, they need to rely on conventional coal power to make up the power supply when they don't. This fact that solar and wind are really a redundancy of the reliably of coal as our primary energy source. With either wind or solar your can't schedule a time that they will be running at peak efficiency or sitting idle. These Wind and Solar farms drive up the cost of the conventional power because the coal plant only collects the full cost of it's construction money when the other sources fail, making the initial capital cost of the coal fired plant take longer to be realized, as the coal plant built for the entire load. The cost of the redundant solar and wind should therefore pay a penalty for their lack of security to provide power as part of their cost.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Wind power, excellent power one day then the next fire up the coal power plant and supply power to the wind turbine to keep the bearing moving so they don't deform. Wind power need Neodymium for the tons of magnets in them. Oh no the Toxic Radioactive lake in China who controls 95% of the Neodymium production on the planet. _____ Baotou toxic lake watch?v=t_UdqZdFr-w&t=1s _______ Also _____ Rare Earth Minerals Turn Villages to Ruins watch?v=TGLC59rCCDc ______ Solar power is a Ponzi Scheme, remember don't fall off your roof in the winter when clean off the snow. If you Cover your entire roof it will only produce enough power to run one major appliance at any given time.
  • Wilson_Report reply Great video. I'm really angry that here in Canada our politicians are jumping over each other to get involved.
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