Super Mario Odyssey Ep 1. Y'all I'm Excited About This (Stream)

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  • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming reply Great stream, I finally picked my copy up. Missed the hat though, my GameStop didn’t midnight launch. By time I got their the hats was sold out.
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply awesome stream.I missed it but caught the recording of it.
    • [ – ] LevelUpLeslie parent reply I'll be streaming more of it soon, gotta figure out my life working extra hours till Jan.
      • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply totally understandable, enjoyed the gameplay, i'm playing it too just not live streaming it.
        • MeekMeekGaming parent reply Awe come on live stream the play. Miss you guys. I’m still looking for work and trying to figure out to hustle life.
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