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Hands-on with Google's new Photos service - Google I/O 2015

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  • Flyday reply Video was replaced with new one by TheVerge. New Link: https://vid.me/ZaJM
  • jelofix reply PSA: You may have noticed that the video didn't have the dumb, monotone, iVerge coverage on the wrong version of the Photos app. It seems it has been taken down and replaced. Nice journalism though from Josh Lowensohn.
  • silo reply There is no peanut butter called gif. It was jif.
  • pmsyyz reply Yes, Google+ Photos was impressive even before it was improved. Choosy developers chose GIF (like the peanut butter).
  • friendlysoviet reply I'm going to hop on my giraffe, George, make a gin and tonic, and look through my GIF collection.
  • Baube19 reply everyone is talking about the way he said gif and not the fact that this is NOT the NEW version of the appp they where talking about. this is the OLD photos app we had for a long time. #fail
  • RichardStrong reply The creator of the format did not create the rules of language. The people are the ones that determine how something is pronounced.
  • SnoutBaron reply Is more right. What? Haha. What does that even mean. Jif because gif sounds weird and you also never say G that way with similar words.So why here? But muh graphics with "guh". Like the guy said earlier, do you say JPEG as jay-feg? Giraffe, gibblets, ginger, gipsy and gist. The creator days jif so jif it will be pronounced. The CREATOR has no authority? Haha OK. No but you guys do. Remember guys pronounce it JFEG coz photo.
  • silo reply Captainautism is more right. Hard g because of graphics. But there is no correct way. Doesn't matter what the creator of the format says, he doesn't have authority on pronounciation.
  • captainautism reply I pronounce it with a hard g because graphic has a hard g. I also use the short u and short a in scuba because underwater and apparatus use those. I'm also fucking autistic.
  • Nenharm reply Also how do you say "JPEG"? The P stands for photographic, so if you don't say J"ph"EG you're not following your own rules.
  • Nenharm reply Next people are going to be saying the it's pronounced Jiraffe.
  • 1stGenRex reply Yeah, Jraffic Interchange Format
  • camsterb reply Jif is an illogical pronunciation. There is a movement against pronouncing it this way, so no one's an idiot for saying "gif."
  • b7795 reply It's pronounced "jif", moron. Even the creator of the .gif said as much. Try really hard not to be an imbecile before suggesting suicide.
  • god reply "animated jiffs" fucking kill yourself stupid pieces of SHIT
  • wildpubichairdo reply "they've taken a very similar approach to apple doing a grid of photos" "you can zoom into things" Brilliant.
  • wildpubichairdo reply This is why I hate techies. Useless mindless idiots
  • ryr12r reply hahahahahahahahhah #iVerge
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