You Will See More Than The Sun And Moon During Total Eclipse

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  • [ – ] Jayling7 reply Thanks, J! I was just about to check the dates for the eclipse to put in my calendar and here you are! Appreciate the heads-up and linky. :)
    • [ – ] j7409skynews parent reply Hi Jayling7 you are most welcome. Hey if you are up between 4 and 5 am look toward the east and see if you see anything bright. Not talking about Venus...Just see if you see weird light source. Thanks ..Peace and Love..J
      • [ – ] Jayling7 parent reply I could try but the East is hard for me to see with all the trees. You have me so curious!
        • [ – ] j7409skynews parent reply Well i have been seeing weird bright light in that area, not Venus or sun.. And today my neighbor said to me..Hey Jewel did you see that really bright in the sky this morning? I ask him where he saw it and its where i have been looking, but i couldn't get out this morning. He was cute said there was no other stars around and it didn't look really like a star. Just really bright.
          • [ – ] Jayling7 parent reply Wow, I wonder what it is - maybe the 2nd moon some folks catch?? I wish I had a better eastern view. But if I'm up I'm definitely going to crane my neck around branches for a looksee! lol
            • j7409skynews parent reply Hey my friend don't go out of your way or get hurt..Just didn't know if you could see that view. Will be interesting if you can see anything though. Peace and Love..J
  • marycozzens reply I'm in South Carolina, come visit me!
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