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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Since I am Vid.me Exclusive, I can only say that Vid.me is only three years of age and I think my content is for my future self and so far, 81 followers agreed with me. I tend to stay within the Community / Category tabs, my Followers, and the New content creators. Check my stuff out. Casey N. is the Old Social Media now. ^.^
    • [ – ] liam_matt parent reply As far as any social media site goes three years old is incredibly young and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here (and I'm hoping the little irritating bugs like the mobile app will be sorted ASAP!) And I've had a look at your channel and I can definitely see that! I'm going to definitely have to keep my eye out around those areas since there haven't really been any creators on here yet who I've seen and fallen in love with, someone who would make me come back over and over again. See, my love for Casey Neistat will always be there since he is an amazing filmmaker who took an amateur craft to the next level... So it's more a case of me having a bit of a man-crush on him and his style, but I see what you mean.
      • I3UTM parent reply Since I never really followed a lot of YT content creators (going from following over 1100 creators to under 300) YouTube is now more of an archival site for me. My love is for the new, the fresh, the future. I have fallen in favor with that. ^.^
  • firaro reply I think it's less the age and more the algorithm. Yeah it lacks most of the high production cost content of youtube. But it could do better getting what it does have to the audience. The obvious answer is similar to youtube's answer (far as i can tell): a filter algorithm to narrow it down then a neural network which you tell to maximise the probability they'll find a video they'll want to fully watch (or that they'll like/subscribe/comment after watching). And which generates you a new list if you have watched all the stuff you wanted from the current one But right now it looks like they just show the ones watched a lot recently. Which is a sucky algorithm, i mean it works for the trending page but not for what vidme suggests you watch
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