Gossip is a Machine Gun of Death! Please Share!

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  • 123-Proverb-Monkey reply What happened to people saying good things about folks?
  • 123-Proverb-Monkey reply Thank YOU ALMIGHTY FATHER LOVE for YOUR pure and eternal love !!! Thank YOU for YOUR love that has no boundaries !!! Thank YOU for YOUR LOVE that sees through the Blood of JESUS,the REDEEMER,to see us with the eye's of YOUR SON's BLOOD !!! Thank YOU JESUS for YOUR BLOOD,that speaks for us with the words,{!!!!},"I died for them,they are clean and purified !!! They have MY fragrance,they have MY scent,they are MY little-anointed ones,they are like ME,FATHER LOVE !!!!" The BLOOD of JESUS !!! The BLOOD of MERCY !!! The BLOOD of GRACE !!!! Thank YOU JESUS for YOUR PURE and HOLY RIGHTEOUS BLOOD !!! The REDEEMING BLOOD !!! YOU ARE THE BRIDGE OF LIFE !!!! YOU take us over the waters of hate and bring us to the arms of our REAL,GOOD FATHER GOD !!!! Sometimes we lack the words to speak to YOU,so I step forward and say THANK YOU !!!! Thank YOU for being a TRUE MAN,for saying"FATHER,why have YOU forsaken ME !!!" These words mean a lot,it meant that even when YOU were doing something that was chang...moreing the world forever,that even YOU felt like YOU were "ALONE" !!! FATHER GOD CRIED when HE HEARD that !!!! Not in a BAD WAY,but in a GOOD WAY,probably knocked over the Arch-Angel Michael when HE poked him and said"That is MY SON,LOOK AT HIM,HE IS BEAUTIFUL !!!" Michael probably got a bruise from,that !!! Thank YOU for putting it on our hearts to say thank YOU to YOU and everyone,that a thank you means someone was there for you and you appreciate the time of love that was spent for you !!! It can keep a person going !!! It is a seed that will bear fruit !!! Thank YOU for reminding us that everything that comes out of our mouths are seeds,seeds of death,seeds of LIFE !!! That gossip is a "machine gun"of death 90% of the time !!! How often do you hear good things about people ??? People usually pass on the poop words,never the good stuff !!!  Thank YOU from my heart,to my lips,through the air to YOU,LORD JESUS CHRIST,THANK YOU !!! I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer,if you agree say JESUS is LORD out loud !!! JESUS is LORD !!! Praise the LORD !!! Praise GOD !!!!
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