Christchurch Pet Expo 2017 - Cats & Dogs 4 Views!

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  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply My first dog was a Shepard/Collie mutt. She was SOOOO smart and her intuition has, so far, been unmatched by any other dog I've met. Also, those are some really well-behaved cats.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That's an enjoyable way to spend a day. Just looking at and petting cute animals. Those dogs all looked like they loved the attention. :D
    • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply Some of the dogs got tired out by all the attention so they would get rotated in and out. The samoyeds though were just full of energy.
  • [ – ] capitanbastos reply I grew up with a Norwegian Forest Cat, then again I am a Norwegian (human not cat), from Norway, in Norway.
  • [ – ] FalseNameVideos reply I like your style man!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It's always great to see the animals! The Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon are awesome cats. My wife loves the Husky. It wouldn't do well here in Hawaii though. Too hot. The time lapse footage does look really nice. The Samoyeds are very cute. Thanks for bringing this to us!
  • GeekWisdom reply First time seeing a Norwegian Forest Cal. Absolutely stunning.
  • [ – ] HamishW reply Thanks I enjoy getting a free look inside :-)
    • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply You can see what I mean by using the gopro and the gimbal to do hyperlapse photography. All these hyperlapses have been capturing 1 frame every 0.5 seconds. 2 frames a second. Same for the moeraki boulders vid. I think it works better for outdoor environments where you don't have millions of people walking past close up. But I'm still quite happy with how it turned out with this video.
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