Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews #80 - Superman: Doomsday

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  • tay94 reply My most favorite review yet!!!
  • NicoToonZ reply I think the 9/11 incident caused a ton of change on the adaptation of the comic to film Superman film.
  • neo4812 reply always great to see a vid from you
  • Mattwo reply I'm pretty sure people cared more about the neck snap than the collateral damage in Man of Steel >.>
  • [ – ] Mattwo reply What do you mean by crossfade? Crossfade is an audio effect, not a visual effect and I don't see any fading, just panning.
    • [ – ] Hewy_Toonmore parent reply No, cross fade is a video term, it's just that my editor didn't show the parts where it happened in the opening credits.
      • Mattwo parent reply Well, speaking as someone who has a lot of experience with editing in the past five years or so, I'm pretty sure it's easier to just use zoom or resizing. I'm fairly certain that using a transition effect like that requires slightly more work as you'd need to work with multiple images instead of a single one. I mean it's pretty darn easy to just keyframe a zoom or resize effect in Premiere Pro CS5.
  • RailPony reply Interesting news, they're doing it again in 2 parts
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